Anna out? Gabby was the alternate? Vega on this team originally?

Has Marta been smoking crack?

I am not sure how this team was supposed to work with Sabrina on the team and Gabby as the alternate because it leaves a huge hole on bars.

Jordyn and who was supposed to do bars again? Anna before the injury still only gives the US two bar workers.

Sabrina on this team makes less sense than having Anna for one event.

We are one injury away from a huge mess.

Shawn Johnson should be flown in right now in case of injury.

I am off to look for podium videos. I’ll be back:)

So here is the training reports from last night. I went to sleep:)

I watched a few vaults but was bored. Watched Komova stay on but messy on bars. So proud of her form getting better and better. That means she is working on it. Alicia’s vaults looked messy to me but her beam looked great. Anna Li was messy on bars, there is no way they should let her try and compete. Injury or not she looks like a head case. She had to hit one routine and they probably would have thought about using her but she couldn’t even do that.

Sorry I am bored now but exgymgurl made a comment in my comment section that you might be interested in. Shawn Johnson has not been on twitter for two whole days. Hopefully she is being brought in.


6 Responses to “Anna out? Gabby was the alternate? Vega on this team originally?”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    Nothing from@shawneyj for two days …

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    One day is weird but two? Shawn has never been this

    I hope they bring her in because Sabrina looks scary in training.

    When do the final names have to be put in?

  3. Shawn Johnson may be in grave danger « Elite Gymnastics Stars Says:

    […] a GymTruthTeller story titled “Anna out? Gabby was the alternate? Vega on this team originally?” there is this disturbing announcement: “Shawn Johnson has not been on twitter for two whole […]

  4. Julia Says:

    Can’t wait to read your reaction to this latest clusterfuck in Team USA. Honestly, juuuust when you think they can’t possibly lose this one, they find a way. Poor Alicia.

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    Oh Julia I am on my way to writing it now. Marta is just an idiot but all is not lost.

  6. USA-gymnastics’ Clusterfuck « Gymtruthteller's Blog Says:

    […] Before I start my blog about Alicia’s injury I have to give credit to Julia for the word Clusterfuck. It was too awesome a word not to use as the title for this blog. Julia made the comment on this blog I wrote a different day. […]

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