Secret Camps

Jordyn Wieber’s coach put this on his facebook.

What is the point of hiding scores?
Marta is an idiot sometimes.
Two thumbs up to John for sneaking everyone info. Like Marta would leave Jordyn at home. He can say what he likes.

John Geddert posted this on facebook a few hours ago: “sorry the updates from the Ranch have been a little less detailed than normal. We have been told what happens at the Ranch is to stay at the ranch thus we are not supposed to post the verification scores. All I can say is USA is looking good and Jordyn is doing very well.”


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6 Responses to “Secret Camps”

  1. TCO Says:

    I need more camp info. Banned from WWGym and IG. Why can’t we even see the posts (I don’t need to troll, just to read).

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    TCO there has been no info. The only info coming out is from John Gedderts facebook.

  3. exgymgurll Says:

    Sad camp may have wrecked Macko’s career at Florida…why are camps not open to the public? The rest of the world at least does friendly’s leading up to worlds….and like she could leave Jordyn at home? Not likely Ms Robot stays home at all…so Bridget Sloan to replace someone needed for all four events at least as backup? So little time….team USA has problems…Anna Li still? Not McKenzie Wofford or a well McKayla Maroney? Chellsie doesn’t want this she want’s 2012. Send Shawn to Pan Ams with Wofford and co and pick up whomever scores well there for worlds while others get injured

  4. exgymgurll Says:

    Sarah Really needs to write about the three way ASac/ Nastia /@ShawneyJ twitter ab workout fest….. really you NEED attention so badly ’cause your gymnastics is irrelevant….

  5. exgymgurll Says:

    jordyn, asac, ali, anna li, sabrina vega? McKayla Maroney? shawn as the alternate? All three former World AA champs at pan Am’s wierd unless we are gunning for epic fail..we aren’t traveling an alternate? 2003 is calling they want the flu back….we finish off the podium, china, russia, romania..sabrina vega gets hurt as does someone else

  6. TCO Says:

    We are traveling an alternate. I assume Vega is pencilled in, but will not be announced which of the seven until the day before. For whatever competitive advantage or to keep the fire to butts or whatever. Shawn will only come into play if there is an injury in the next couple weeks.

    Team pretty much makes sense and went down like GT thought. Memmel is still having shoulder issues. Sloan is not ready yet. Shawn is still 3 event with the limiter from the ankle (so Vega makes more sense as alternate). All three can hopefully get in shape for Pan Ams and use that for what it is worth to show real readiness.

    For Worlds, we are rolling the dice but going with the top bars workers. Kudos to Anna and Gabby. Never thought either would make it…but that is why you try. That’s why Vazam is a freaking saucey quitter for not going to selection camp last year (and karma served her right for the injury later).

    Too bad for Macko. Shit happens. Still think if she were training elite all the time, she would have been more used to that DP dismount. NCAA is a shame with the watered down routines. Like men’s version better.

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