More camp 1 info

Pretty much what Aunt Joyce said with a little more details. Info from Abomb. I guess he threatened some more people for info and this is what he got:)


-AA results: 1. Jordyn, 2. Gabby, 3. Aly, 4. Sabrina, 5. Macko, 6. Bridgey

-Sac did not verify the new VT, but it was seen in practice at least once.

-Lots of falls on bars, but Gabby is inching closer and closer to being a lock on them, now having hit UB at Klassiks, Nats X 2 plus Dethkamp 1. Either she or Jordyn won UB, both doing great there. Also watch out for the return of McKenzie Wofford – she’s only been out of the cast for her broken metatarsel that kept her out of Championships for one week, but if she can improve that much more between now and 9/21, she should be on one of these teams. Macko finally made her Church-Pak connection in verification, but then strangely fell on the Tkatchev at the end (which she’s NEVER done). Nevertheless, she’s still making a hugely stong case for herself lately. Anna only verified UB and fell, not sure on what Sad

-I think either Shawn or Vega won BB, they both did great on it. Gabby hit her set there and I think Wofford did too.

-Jordyn won FX, but we already knew that from Geddert’s FB or twitter or something, I guess.

At this point, the world team could easily consist of: Sac, Jordyn, Aly, Gabby then maybe Macko, Maroney (did not verify anything b/c of her back), possibly even Wofford. Shawn and Vega are improving but their mutual lack of big UB D-scores makes it really hard to see how they would fit in. Maybe as ALTs? I’d much rather see them lead the Pan Am team.

It will all come down to Dethkamp #2, which will have TWO competitions, all with hard landings.


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One Response to “More camp 1 info”

  1. dd Says:

    Gabby never competes well. She will mess up at Worlds or worse. She will do well at Worlds and mess up at the Olympics costing the US team a medal.

    Memmel better do well at the second camp.

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