Gym Community supports Paul Hamm

They never supported Shannon Miller with her cancer scare but why the hell would they support Shannon for such a worthless cause like cancer when they can support Paul Hamm for getting drunk and acting like an idiot? (Rolling eyes)

Morgan Hamm put up a montage on facebook and asked all gymnasts and fans to support Paul Hamm by reposting the montage and several people have.

Dominique Moceanu’s husband did it. So did Dominique herself too.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Dominique also posted these comments recently,

While it should never serve as an excuse, post-Olympic reality can be daunting. I’m concerned about my friend.

Does this mean Paul Hamm has given up trying to make the Olympics?


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13 Responses to “Gym Community supports Paul Hamm”

  1. sopasmom Says:

    So, when people are down we should kick them? Unfortunately Shannon’s cancer wasn’t media worthy (although it should have been) but Paul’s arrest is? I support both of them!

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Hamm deserves no support. He deserves a smack in the head for being a stupid idiot.

    This isn’t the mistake from a 19 year old kid. He’s an adult.

    For the record I have been kicking Hamm for years. This just makes it that much more enjoyable.

    • sopasmom Says:

      So, as an adult you’ve never done anything stupid or anything you’ve regreted? Wow, good job.

    • dd Says:

      Paul is a douche bag. The way he acted in 2004 was an embarrassment to every American.He should have been ashamed of himself but he wasn’t.

      The way he is acting now is pathetic.

  3. TCO Says:

    The 2004 shit is complete crap. he played by the rules and some pole smoking Frog wanted him to give back his medal. Never see that before in gym or sure don’t see it in the NFL on a blown call. Gym is subjective poopoo from the ass. that’s why Nastia beat Shawn.

    Of course Dom and husband supported Paul. They are friends in real life. I’m not supporting because I think Paul should make a public statement. But I don’t begrudge Dom her comments.

    And then the typical split tail drama lovers coming in for their enjoyment of the drama. Total bullshit. I’m used to the dynamic from hanging out on a weight loss board.

    • Morgan Says:

      Paul held press press conferences after the Olympics where he spent the entire time trying to prove that Yang T Young didn’t deserve to win. He is to blame for that. It made him look like a complete fucktard.
      They wanted him to give back the medal because it was the right thing to do. Yang earned that medal. Paul owns it by default.
      If a bank gives you extra money and they figure it out you give back them money.

      I love that everyone hates Paul. Karma’s a bitch.

  4. Sarah! Says:

    I have no idea what this is about, but I do have some comments, as I usually do when I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    1. Nobody supports me when I get drunk and act like an idiot.
    2. Which of the Hamm brothers is gay. I thought it was Paul.
    3. If fucking Moceanu posted the video, that tells you a lot.
    4. Dom knows all about post-Olympic reality. At least Paul didn’t get drunk and act like an idiot and fly to the Cayman Islands with a married man and have sex with him then come back home and marry a doctor and get fat and have babies.

    I guess I need to Goggle this topic and see what Paul actually did. It can’t be worse than trying to pee out a window and failing.


  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    YAY Sarah is here. Sarah is here. I have wanted to hear your comments on this subject:)

    Morgan, ignore TCO. She just like to disagree with whatever I say but I still love her even when I forget all the time if she is a he or a she:)

  6. Gymnastics community supports drunk fag gymnast Paul Hamm « Elite Gymnastics Stars Says:

    […] learned about this crap from Gym Truth Teller, which is where I learn a lot of specific things about gymnastics, because she always tells it like […]

  7. Joe Says:

    That was lamest 3:52 of my life. I honestly think he doesn’t deserve support. He actually shouldn’t even need it. All he did was get drunk and get arrested.

    As for which one is gay, i’d have to say both. Paul is, well, Paul, duh. But Morgan made a video that zooms in on his brother’s junk.

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