Camp fall down

The last day of camp was a lot of fun according to Aunt Joyce. I won’t be linking him because frankly I am over blogs only in existence to get gymnasts to be friends with them but take for granted that anything I say here about camp comes from Aunt Joyce unless noted.

So Anna Li, Bridget Sloan and Macko all fell off bars. Anna was consistent in training until it mattered, then she fell. Gabby hit bars. Chellsie did not do bars. Shawn hit bars but with no upgrade.

So what does this tell us?

Chellsie Memmel not doing bars is a big mistake. If she plans on saving herself for the next camp it is going to be to late. Chellsie also fell off beam.

Anna Li hitting in practice and falling when it matters SHOULD be a wake up call. Even considering her for just bars with the way this team is at the moment will only hurt the US in the end.

Bridget Sloan is the interesting case. She fell. She fell all over the place last year and hit when it mattered. Taking a chance on her didn’t bite us in the ass last time but that was last time.

No news on anyone else.

Looks more and more like Gabby Douglas will be on this team.

Maybe a good idea will be to forget bars and just use Aly or Mckayla and build up beam and floor by taking Shawn for beam and Sabrina for floor. Shawn could do bars, beam and vault in prelims. We could see how the judges will score her on bars.

That would make the team

Jordyn, Alicia, Aly, Mckayla, Sabrina and Shawn using whoever hits best in prelims for bars. It would be the extreme gamble that might pay off in the end.

In this scenario Gabby stays home. Sabrina is as big of a head case as Gabby but she usually hits floor.

In related news Alicia has a tweet that implies she is already on the team. Her ego amazes me. I can’t wait for her to be pushed out next year on a 5 member team. Time to knock her ego down.


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3 Responses to “Camp fall down”

  1. Dude Says:

    Memmel is my vote. She would probably hit when it is least expected, just like 2003.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I agree with you on Memmel but if she isn’t healthy enough for bars I would take Shawn. She is cleaner,.

  3. TCO Says:

    If Shawn can stay consistent and not aggravate the knee, there is a good chance she sneaks in. Same with Sabrina. The other girls are dropping like flies.

    I think Macko will pull it together and she is more of a 4 event gymnast than Li.

    I’m very skeptical of Sloan given how little we have seen of her, the surgery, etc. and that she was only alternate quality last year.

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