A world team without Chellsie Memmel. Part 2

I have to tell you I have written and re-written this blog at least 20 times, which is why it is late.

Here is part 1

Here we are with part two of, What will team USA do without a healthy or upgraded Chellsie Memmel?

Our locks are Jordyn, Alicia, Aly and Mckayla. That means we no longer need a vaulter. Any combination of the four above can do the job. Aly scores really well on her DTY so if any of the other 3 can’t compete vault we are still golden.

This team however has a huge hole on bars. Jordyn has a great D score she she is the only one we can use. The rest are useless on bars. Mckayla and Aly still train bars but if they are in a team final we are doomed.

So that brings us to beam. Jordyn and Aly can do beam in team finals and if we have to, so can Alicia. So while we could really use another beam worker……

Floor is more important. Aly and Jordyn can and will be used in team finals. Mckayla is a possibility as a last resort but I mean a real last resort. Like everyone else breaks a foot.

So we need two bar workers and a floor worker. We don’t have anyone that can fill in in that role.

The closest is Shawn Johnson but her start values are way too low. Sabrina Vega would be good for just floor but no use on beam and bars. Bridgey Caquatto has a good D score on bars but never hits. She is even more useless on beam and floor. Anna Li has a high d score on bars but is of no use on any other event. She is basically no use on bars either when you consider she has yet to even compete the 6.7 she allegedly has on bars. She was out scored by Macko on night one.

Who did I leave out? Bridget Sloan will be at camp but we don’t know if she is ready. If she is ready on floor and bars she makes the perfect fit on this team. Then we can add Macko but no one has a clue which Bridget will be at camp.

Gabrielle Douglas is a head case. The sad thing is she is starting to look like our only other option on a team without Chellsie Memmel.

So basically without Memmel, we are screwed. UNLESS Bridget Sloan is back.

So my team without Chellsie Memmel would be,

Jordyn Wieber
Aly Raisman
Alicia Sacramone
Mckayla Maroney
Mackenzie Caquatto


It kills me to say this. It REALLY kills me to say this but unless Bridget is healthy and Shawn has upgraded our only other option without Chellsie Memmel is taking a chance on Gabrielle Douglas.

We are in desperate need of a bar worker that can back us up on floor. Sabrina Vega loses on the backup role because she is so bad at bars.

Team finals
VT: Jordyn, Mckayla, Alicia
BARS: Jordyn, Macko, Douglas
BEAM: Jordyn, Aly, Alicia
FLOOR- Jordyn, Aly, Mckayla

If Shawn upgrades floor and bars or Bridget Sloan eats a magic pill to get healthy say good bye to Gabby Douglas. Regardless we are REALLY screwed if Gabby tanks at worlds because we have no option for a third bar worker.


3 Responses to “A world team without Chellsie Memmel. Part 2”

  1. Gymnast fan Says:

    Well, Gabby is young, so inevitably, she is a risky pick. Maybe she comes through. Bridget Caq is a good choice b.c. she is pretty solid and a good bar worker. Heck, if Nastia can go from modeling her own clothes to all of a sudden on the World Selection Committee…they could just prob. put her in for worlds on bars, even as a 7th member. lol She’s just got it like that.

    Either way, I think the women’s team will struggle a bit at this World Championships due to our lack of depth. It will only strengthening us as a Country however, for preparation for London.

    Now…who is your top 3 AA at Worlds?

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    I dunno Hollie Vise looked pretty hot at the professional evolution gymnastics skill event and jana bieger dropped the bar completely

  3. TCO Says:

    You are probably right.

    I do have hopes that Shawn can get FX up good enough and maybe throw the Ray dismount on bars.

    Sloan, I have no confidence in.

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