Who will make the US World team?

We have the locks,

:Jordyn Wieber
:Aly Raisman
:Alicia Sacramone

Then we have the most likely,

: Mckayla Maroney.

I know Mckayla beat Aly at Nationals but that whole competition was a question mark after Rebecca’s injury.

I could see Aly having a melt down at the camps and still being named to the team but I wouldn’t say Mckayla has that same free pass for a melt down. For arguments sake I will call her a lock for the sake of this blog.

So with those 4 locks we pretty much have Vault: covered. Any 4 of the named gymnasts could vault. Aly has a beautiful DTY. Mckayla and Jordyn have the Amanar’s and Alicia is , well Alicia.

BEAM: This group of gymnasts has Beam pretty much covered too. Poor Jordyn at this rate will be doing the AA in team finals. Alicia has a lower start value but she is pretty clean. Jordyn is great. Aly is solid. Mckayla is messy to me but if we had to use those 3 it would be plausible.

Floor: needs a bit of work. Again we have Jordyn. Aly’s routine scored well last year until they blatantly cheated her from a floor medal in the event finals. (If Aly deserved a deduction for artistry why the hell didn’t Chelaru and Mitchell get one? They are worse then Aly “allegedly” is.

I don’t know why Alicia is training floor at all. I don’t see her ever being relevant on this event again with her cheap tumbling but we all know the judges love to prove me wrong so she will probably be world champ in 2011.

Team Final,

Bold are definite. No need at all for a discussion.

Vault is covered







So we need two bar workers. A beam worker and a floor worker and we only have two places left. The beam worker is not as important as the floor worker. Alicia scores well at worlds. I honestly can’t see us using Mckayla or Alicia on floor.

SOOOOO….. Who has a really strong bar and floor routine???? Hey you know who fits this bill? Cassie Whitcomb. Too bad Marta screwed her out of too many teams she chose to go to school instead of compete elite. I know, you are saying she wasn’t really strong on those two events but I remember her winning floor and placing second on bars at one of last years camps. Sounds like a fit to me.

The only answer we have for this position is to take a chance with Chellsie Memmel. If she upgrades her floor the girl is a rock on this event and she is a former world champ on bars.

So an update,

If we add an updated, upgraded Chellsie Memmel we have a second bar worker and another beam worker. Also another floor worker but this is all IF, she upgrades.

So if we add Chellsie into the group
VT, Beam and Floor are covered and so is 2 of our 3 bar workers which leaves us with only one person left for our team and that person has to be a bar worker.

your choices are..
Anna Li
Gabriela Douglas.

Gabby was horrible at Nationals and I honestly wouldn’t take her on any team I picked. That is why she has a line through her name.

Anna Li is a one event gymnast. If she hits her bars great but she hasn’t hit her 6.7 routine yet because she hasn’t competed it. She was out scored by Macko on night one.

Anna is a one event gymnast that can’t even hit her one event. If Chellsie is on this team and she gets hurt Anna can’t replace her on a single event. That is why I just went and put a line through her name above.

If we take Chellsie the only option for the sixth team member is Mackenzie Caquatto. She fell on beam at Nationals on night one but she hit night two. Her start values are not as high as they could be but Gabby Douglas being the only other option Macko is pretty much the only option.

So my team with a healthy, upgraded Chellsie Memmel is

Jordyn Wieber
Aly Wieber
Mckalya Maroney
Alicia Sacramone
Chellsie Memmel
Mackenzie Caquatto


But……. What do we do if Memmel is a no go?

Part 2, tomorrow.


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6 Responses to “Who will make the US World team?”

  1. cbabin Says:

    I guess you consider Shawn is totally out of question?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Kind of. I wish she had the start values to compete but she doesn’t right now.

      If it was me and she had floor I would make her my alternate over any of the for-mentioned names. She is pretty clean and could fill in on all 4 events. I want no part of Gabby Douglas or Sabrina Vega on any team I decide. Who knows where there heads will be.

      I think she has a great shot at next years Olympic team if she keeps improving. She is way to clean to leave at home if she upgrades.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Dont think BAMF granola bar eating on national TV Chellsie Memmel is a no go. Dont think Macko would have peeled out of Florida for a super fun elite training summer if she wasnt serious. Mathematically thats a great team that medals 6 months ago when Chellsie ran the math she was right gabrielle goes to pan ams with bridgey and sabrina vega. In a pinch Chellsie warms up and replaces anyone if they look lime shit ala Mohini Bhardwaj 2004

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree IF she is healthy. I don’t think Marta will take her if she isn’t.

      Say Marta takes Chellsie this is her last chance. If she goes to worlds and gets hurt Marta will never consider her for the Olympic team.

      I am all for Chellsie being on this team. My what if is 100% only if she is injured.

  3. TCO Says:

    We need to understand why that shoulder popped out and why it won’t happen again. No screwing around. If she can’t come clean on that (seeing a doctor that USAG picks as an independent voice, and an MRI with contrast agent), then we have to pass. And I say this, being a huge fan of Memms as a gymnast and a hot babe…and down to earth. But we need to be fact-based, transparent and honest here. No more pulling it together and getting onto a team and then not being available (Pezz and Memms) like at the 2008 Olys.

    Looking at the list, your choices become for bars additions:

    Anna Li (she still scored well, regardless of hitting) 29.45
    Gabby (same) 29.45
    Johnson 28.65
    Jetter 28.60
    Jay 28.45

    After that the scores are too low (in the 27s and even Raisman or Maroney become options…and are already there. Note that the bottom 3 of those 5 are .4-.5 less than the top two (on a single night basis)

    On beam, it is interesting that Shawn becomes third best if you cut Memmel from the group (and even if you say Aly was rattled night two, Shawn had the same score on two nights that Aly had on her first night). Beam adds possible:

    Johnson: 29.4
    Vega: 28.85

    After that, you get a significant drop to the Raisman and Maroney scores in the high 27s and both are already on the team. That said, if you think Raisman’s night two was an anamoly than the situation is not as bad as on bars…but still a little bit of a hole. At least want to have a fourth good competitor…not Maroney. Note that Li was a 26.45 and Gabby a 24.55 and neither scored above 14 on either night.

    On floor, it is so sad to lose the Brossie score. Really needed her there even more than bars…since she wasn’t hitting bars. Potential adds are:

    Vega 28.9 (and both days with solid mid 14s)

    Note that Maroney was a 28.15 (one mid 14 and one mid 13…and she fell at Classics as well). Note that Asac was low 27s with one day mid 14s and one 12s. Macko had a couple days in the mid 13s. Jetter and Li and Johnson did not compete it. Gabby was very bad for two nights.


    Boiling it all down.

    If Aly can demonstrate beam reliability (and probably we should give her this, based on history), beam is not such a worry…at least for 3 up. Floor is trickier. If either Asac or Maroney can show consistent mid 14s, that takes care of that issue. I just worry that neither is really that close. Although perhaps Asac having a new routine can get it down in next few months. Bars,no one already on the posited team will quickly get better.

    So, it’s really hard. If you can solidify beam and floor with on team options, than you can go with Gabby or even Li as your options. I sort of trust Li more, but then again Gabby has 4 events and is at least something of an option on everything…well…I guess Li would be also with NCAA routines…but Gabby at least has difficulty. That said, I’m really not crazy about either of them. Gabby needs to go to Pan Ams and just grow up. Li doesn’t have enough events or enough time spent doing elite difficulty.

    Other options are Johnson who solidifies beam a bit (maybe not as crucial if you grant Raisman beam steadiness) and is decent on bars. Vega only helps on floor (although substantially) there. It’s interesting to think about if Johnson could get a mid 14s floor (5.5 difficulty and 9.0 execution…kid’s usually clean). Who knows how close she is though or how much the knee can take.

    I could see Marta taking a chance on Johnson to be honest, with something on floor, beam and bars potentially that is 3rd/4th best. Plus the star power for a little politics.

    Who knows though. The girls will have more chances to show their stuff and impress (or screw up). And some have reasonable reasons to think they are still peaking off of injuries or learning curves from restarting training an event. Plus we may lose one of them anyway from injury.

    Realistically all four have a chance given clean camps. Gymnast/what they need to show:

    Anna Li: nail bars only
    Gabby: nail bars only
    Johnson: keep bars and beam decent and see if she can bring in a decent fx (depends on her body, really)
    Vega: I think she is what she is and just needs to rely on the other 3 failing…which may happen.

    On floor,

  4. A world team without Chellsie Memmel. Part 2 « Gymtruthteller's Blog Says:

    […] Here is part 1 […]

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