The year of Michigan

This kind of scares me. I mean Michigan? They have enough winning with those pesky Red Wings do they really need more winning? (I know this confuses you Sarah. The Red Wings are the Detroit hockey team in the NHL. Hockey is that sport with sticks and pucks. I’ll go find a picture to link. This is a Red wing celebrating the Stanley Cup they won a few years ago.)

I guess I should start over. It seems to be turning into the year of Michigan. First Michigan native Timmy Thomas cleans up in hockey (Stanley Cup champion? check. Vezina winner? Check. Conn Smythe Trophy? Check. Love of my life not named the boy? check) and now we have Miss Jordyn Wieber. Winning Nationals by over 6 points. Even if Rebecca had not been injured the scores would have been still close to 6 points)

So as the year of Michigan continues I can only guess that the Tigers will win the World Series. Eminem will win some more grammy’s and The Lions will win the Superbowl. (maybe that is asking for too much. Lets say they will win more then 1 game this year)

Watch out world. Michigan is coming.

Watch Jordyn Wiebers welcome home here. She is almost in tears.



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