Your 2011 Senior National team.

Jordyn Wieber
McKayla Maroney
Aly Raisman
Mackenzie Caquatto
Sabrina Vega
Bridgey Caquatto
Gabrielle Douglas
Chellsie Memmel
Alicia Sacramone
Shawn Johnson

Rebecca Bross


Anna Li and Amanda Jetter are not on it. I bolded the locks for worlds team. Should be interesting who they add for the other two spots.

Amanda Jetter and Anna Li should both be at this camp. WTF is Marta thinking? She makes Anna stop floor then doesn’t add her to the National team because she fell off beam?

No Bridget Sloan either. She is invited to the camp so she might make it later on.


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One Response to “Your 2011 Senior National team.”

  1. dd Says:

    They did not add Amanda Jetter? Anna Li is going to the camp. I hope they let Amanda go.

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