WORST Nationals EVER!!!!!!!!

That includes any Nationals that had Kim Kelly competing at it.

Chellsie quits mid routine. Bross sucks beyond belief then chokes a vault away. Jordyn wins by over 6 points. And deserves to win by over 6 points.

Is this a joke?

Here are your scores.

Nastia is over her fake tears from Bross injuring herself. Universal Sports needs to be blown up.

Worlds is going to suck.

Jordyn is so peppy I want to smack her.lol She is actually adorable but peppy. I hate peppy people.

We are going to interview Ohashi because she is from Woga and NBC/Universal seems to love this fucked up gym that makes injured kids compete on stupid vault so they can tear their ACL or break there knee cap and ruin their shot at Worlds.

Located knee for Bross.

Nastia cuts off Ohashi as she is speaking. Kaitlyn is as cute as a button she needs media training PRONTO!

More talking about Nastia by Nastia. ZzZzZzZZZzzzzz.

Ig has the best comment ever. lol

Maroney got a 14.550 for that routine? Are these judges at this competition or mailing in scores from their home town bars?

Who needs real gymnastics talk when we can talk about Ohashi’s nails.


Bela cannot be understood. Why bother talking to him?
Bela’s favorite gymnast of all time is….. Nadia… Like a first love. Babble not understood. Kerri and Kim Zmeskal, more babble…..
WOW, He doesn’t mention MLR.

Congrats Jordyn. You rock. Congrats McKayla and Aly you did us proud. The rest of you need to retire!




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