Miller owns Liukin

I know this debate will be for the future. IMO it’s over already with Miller in full control.

Here is a video of the two of them doing handstands for the opening of Nationals.

Here is another version from a newspaper.

Liukin can barely do the handstand and they cut out the obvious trouble she had getting up into the handstand. While Miller did it with better form and control. Not only that but Miller cheered Nastia when everyone else was cheering but Nastia sits there with this stupid grin on her face while everyone cheers Shannon.

Poor Bridget was cut out completely.



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3 Responses to “Miller owns Liukin”

  1. Catherine Mélodie Says:

    who’s the guy at the end? I think he had the best handstand of the three. But definitely, between Liukin and Miller, Miller has it.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I can’t tell but I think it was Peter Vidmar. They mentioned he was there.

  3. dd Says:

    Nastia is such a phony. Shannon is full on classy.

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