3 Things at once. Live Blogging Nationals

Here are some pictures

I will comment on the juniors later. Still shocked Ohashi stayed on every event but we will see what she does on day 2.

Right now however I am also watching football, baseball and playing with my niece while trying to watch gymnastics on my computer so I am not sure how much I will see. Right now its Nastia time in another old lady shirt. She needs a stylist BIG time.

Introductions and a commercial,


Jordyn Wieber has the ugliest yellow leo I have ever seen. Shawn’s in mesh and also ugly. Memmel’s is boring. Woga has purple and grey. They aren’t as ugly as the others but I wouldn’t call them pretty.

Wow Memmel is only 23. She hit her bar routine with the same usual form. Waves to the crowd. Only a 5.5 start value. Why is she even here? She must know she needs a huge upgrade on bars. Her score was only a 14.300.

Douglas fell on her double front. Hands down out of bounds. It’s too bad her form looked pretty good on that move. I think it was a piked double front. 12.95. Both feet OOB.

Alicia fell OOB like Dougles. You could tell she was winded right before the pass. On the 2.5 punch front. Many stumbles before fall.

Maroney fell on her last pass on floor and Bross is off bars. Jordyn was bobble city on beam.

Aly nailed floor but in slow mo her tumbling is a mess. Alicia was up on the podium cheering her but only because the camera is around. Trust me she ignores Aly most of the time unless the camera is around.

Alicia got a 13.200 on floor. WAY over scored. Aly got a 14.800. Bross got a 14.300 with a fall off bars. Ridiculous on how shitty her form is. She was a mess even if it was better then the CG classic video.

The Caquatto girls got matching vault scores.


Bridgey messed up bars but didn’t fall.

Anna hit bars. Looked okay. Alicia hit vault with HUGE step on first vault.

Jordyn NAILED floor. Two middle passes nailed. Small step on her first and last pass.

Macko hits bars. Bross off on beam. Macko impresses and Anna Li scored only a 15.050. I actually think that was a little low.
Bross fell on dismount too.

Macko got a 15 on bars. Say goodbye to worlds Anna Li.
Aly only did a DTY.

Sabrina messed up bars then fell. HUGE deductions.

That’s why Chellsie Memmel is here. She just nailed beam.

Shawn hit vault and it wasn’t as sloppy and Tim and Elfi talked her down. Chellsie Memmel just made me smile.

15.250 for Memmel. WOW, Well deserved compared to the other crap we have seen. Really she looked good. Her form is still suspect but she just nailed it.

They lowered Alicia’s floor score to a 12.800.

Aly is in the lead. Macko in second. Chellsie third. Jordyn 4th and Bross in tenth.

Messy 3rd. Bross hit floor but was horriblE to watch. That was ugly. Macko fell off beam was was nailed with a score in the 12’s. Anna hit but it didn’t look great. Aly hit bars. Casey Jo Magee stayed on beam but lots of bobbles. Jordyn into lead with a decent Amanar. Step on landing. Messy pre-flight.

Bross has moved up of course. Saw that coming. Shawn is next on bars.

Shawn hit bars with one small mistake. Great form. FEET TOGETHER! Like it should be.

Chellsie hit floor. OOB in her double piked arabian. Low balled score in the 13’s with a 5.6 start value. Bridget just fell off beam. This is how we move Bross up after she choked. Rolling eyes.

Gabby screwed up bars. Missed all her handstands and huge step on landing. They still gave her a 14.550. Gabby sap story. Rolling eyes.

REALLY sloppy DTY from Bross. Bent knee’s, GROSS ugly.

Maroney fell on beam. Not bad other wise FOR HER.

Macko hit floor but nothing that special. Ugly first pass twisting triple.

Aly had two bobbles on beam. Off on dismount. She almost nailed it but went over according to judges. I don’t think she did.

FTY from Chellsie. Sorry she needs a DTY. 14.100 is a decent score. Since they screwed her on floor I won’t even complain.

Sabrina stood up floor. One oob. Not bad. She didn’t make me cringe this time.

Sloppy bars by Jordyn but she stayed on. Low dismount.

One big bobble for Shawn but she stayed on. Over time. i think someone timing beam has a trigger finger. 14.700 for Shawn. A little much with the bobble but not bad.

Dougles off on beam twice. Off a third time.

Alicia stayed on beam but it wasn’t as solid as she usually is. She usually has a jump after her mound but she took it out. She missed a connection and then bobbled on the layout. She stayed on so she should be happy.

She got a 15.200 and that is a ridiculous score. She had too many bobbles and a missed connection. Plus she was wobbly through out. Not bobble like but she certainly wasn’t solid. There is NO WAY she deserved a 9.200 execution score.

This was a shitty night of gymnastics but who wants to peak in August right?

Nastia is up next:)


Nastia looks huge next to Jordyn. That sweater doesn’t help. They talk, I snore. BASEBALL TIME!



4 Responses to “3 Things at once. Live Blogging Nationals”

  1. dd Says:

    I don’t even think the judges were watching the meet they were supposed to be judging,

    How did Alicia Sacramone get that beam score ? Or Bross that floor score.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I agree dd. Crazy judging.

  3. Cookie Says:

    Call me crazy, but Alicia seems to have one style of “dance”/choreography that she is capable of, regardless of what type of floor music she has. And that style does not mesh with her current floor music, imo.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    I agree with you.

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