Nastia Liukin is full of it.

This is hilarious. She shows up and tries to steal the spotlight then refuses the interview requests claiming she is doing it for the betterment of the athletes competing.

If Nastia really cared about the athletes getting credit she would do what every other gymnast does, sit in the crowd and watch. All athlete reps do this.

I have seen her myself in the past practically follow the photogs around begging for attention. Then jump from gymnast to gymnast screaming hello and pulling them closer to her for a hug. I commented on how she did it to Kim Zmeskal’s husband last year and he just gave her this look of “Why is she hugging me”

Here is the link.

A number of media attending the 2011 Visa Championships media day have inquired about interviewing Nastia Liukin, the 2008 Olympic all-around champion. Nastia is attending the Visa Championships in her role as an athlete representative for the women’s program of USA Gymnastics and as an announcer with Universal Sports.

“As an athlete, I understand the importance of this event, and it’s the time for these athletes to shine as they pursue lifelong dreams of representing the United States. There are many great stories about this Visa Championships, which I think is going to be incredible. I appreciate the interest shown by the media to speak with me, and in a different setting, I would be happy to grant interviews. For this weekend, however, I thank you for respecting my decision to decline such requests.”

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3 Responses to “Nastia Liukin is full of it.”

  1. Dagny Says:

    Why can’t she just fade into obscurity already??

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    From your mouth to Gods ear.

  3. dd Says:

    I am sending universal an e-mail telling them to dump Nastia or I am not watching anymore. She has to go.

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