Dominique Moceanu doesn’t care about her kids.

I went to Sarah’s blog to see if she had debated the debate we already debated. She had not but In came across this gem that made me feel funny inside like I was 10 and had just been caught stealing a cookie. Or I was 19 and had just been caught sleeping with my best friends boyfriend. Yep that was the feeling I got. Not that I would sleep with my best friends boyfriend. My best friend is a guy and he has a girlfriend and I don’t roll that way (Even though I am part of GGMB)

So go to Sarah’s blog and watch the creepy Dominique Moceanu videos to promote the city of Chicago.

After you stop gagging, say to yourself what in the hell does Dominique Moceanu give Mike Canales to get him to be in these videos?

Mike is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet in gymnastics. When I heard he was dating the publicity whore oh so many years ago I often wondered what the hell he was thinking. I am still wondering.

He’s a doctor for heavens sake. Would you go to a doctor that made videos like this?

Once something is on the internet it is on the internet forever. Does she not know this?

I guess I should feel bad for Carmen and Vincent. Someday they will be in school. Some day the mean girl in school will search overrated gymnast and come up with these videos of Dominique Moceanu and her husband and poor Carmen and Vincent will be forever ridiculed and tortured through out high school.

It’s obvious she doesn’t care about her kids.



2 Responses to “Dominique Moceanu doesn’t care about her kids.”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    I’m going to re-debate your re-debate as soon as I have a chance to breathe. I just had a few other stories I needed to get out. I pity Carmen and Vincent for two reasons: 1. Their future school life and 2. Their current home life.


  2. exgymgurll Says:

    I think its clevland which is worse… they worship fattsooos

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