Hostile Take over part 2

Sarah has debated my debate. You can read it here. Now I will re-debate the debate we already debated.

Don’t worry I’ll do it quick.

Roger Goodell is the dickhead that runs the NFL. My double talk that you do not understand is all about real sports. Not the girly shit we usually write about.

Roger Goodell let the media/fans believe for like 5 months that the team I root for had taped a walk through of a Superbowl. You are not allowed to do that. The thing is the team I root for NEVER taped this walk through yet Goodell let the world think we did and the media killed us unfairly. He knew we never taped it and he said anything about it to anyone including the media and fans.

The football team I root for also got in trouble for taping the evil Jets signals (they change signals every game so it did nothing to help us but whatevs) but what Goodell didn’t tell you is that the only reason we taped the Jets is because they did it to us the week before. Goodell sold us out to the media but when he caught the Jets BEFORE us he destroyed the tapes and told no one.

The man is PURE evil. He’s like the Dominique Moceanu of gymnastics. (That makes sense to you right??)

The other stuff you don’t understand is baseball related. You really should find out about Jacoby. The boy is almost perfect (until he becomes a free agent and leaves us for the money but that is more you wouldn’t understand.

The Yankees are like the Nastia Liukin of baseball. You understand that too right?

I will NEVER say anything nice about the evil Empire. 10 out of 12 baby is not worse then the Yankees. You need to move on.


Back to the gymnastics.

NUMBER 6- Lets see. Gutsu is evil. That is a non issue as far as I am concerned. We will NEVER agree on anything positive about that skank.

She is the Milo of 1992-1996. I don’t get the Romanian talk anyway cuz like that has nothing to do with USA-gymnastics. Now if you would like to take over the IOC and FIG we could do that too. I don’t mind the Romanians minus Milo.

I am pissed that Miller was robbed because thanks to that robbing the world now has an excuse to say Nastia was a better gymnast because she has the AA gold medal. If Shannon had her medal then the Nastia fanatics have nothing.

This is the same reason I can’t hate Carly. If it wasn’t for Carly we would now be hearing “Nastia is the first American to win the AA in a non boycotted Olympics. This concept isn’t too hard to grasp Sarah. LESS NASTIA is BETTER!!!!!! Now put down the damn alcohol and save gymnastics!!!!!! (Maybe I need a drink)

Number 1-Concerning Oksana I believe I used the word STILL relevant. I am not talking about her Russian days.

Number 5- FYI CarBot is Carly Patterson. She is like a robot. No rhythm or flow to her gymnastics.

Number 3- The Yankees are evil. If you want more Yankee fans that means you want more Nastia Likuin fans. Now I know you don’t want that. Yankees stand for over hyped, over paid steroid users and only win because their daddies give Vodka to the judges. Oh wait that is Nastia’s dad that did that to get her overscored in China but you get the drift RIGHT????

Number 4- That photo of Nastia could have been prevented if Nastia had worn glasses and looked in a mirror to see what she just put on. I think we need something more then a 100 dollar fine for wearing that outfit. I think stoning fits but I guess something in between could work also.

Number 7- Done. Schrunchies it is.

Number 8 or maybe 9- No one would feel that 50 bucks is worth more then Red Sox tickets. Silly Sarah. Go to or ace tickets and look up how much Sox tickets are selling for. Even stupid Yankee fans would take the Sox tickets and sell them on stubhub.

Number 10- Okey Dokey

Exgymgurll I am not a big fan of the wiggles but if you agree with me on anything related to shutting up Sarah about the damn evil empire (Yankees AKA as Skankee, Cheaters, Losers, Buyers of world series etc…) I will vote on your side in this issue.:)


What I would do,

No longer does anyone have a personal coach. The role would be taken over by me, you and EGG (LOL exgymgurll’s initials are egg haha) Everyone would move in together and live like they do the real world. Being taped at all times except in the bathroom. These are kids you know.

Every week one of us would vote out a gymnast of our choice to mess with her head. Mine would be Gabby Dougles. The Dominqiue Dawes token My guess is Sarah would want Rebecca Bross.

All gymnasts would be forced to answer Shannon Miller or Daniela Silivas when choosing who their idols were growing up. If you mention MLR or Nastia Liukin you are shot on the spot by a piece of cheescake factory cheesecake. You are not allowed to eat it. You just have to smell it. The second time you don’t answer who I want you, well you don’t want to know what happens.

We would then hire a team UB coach. Not a Liukin because in my dream world of gymnastics people can do a cast to handstand with their freaking legs together like everyone did in the 80’s and 90’s. They would also not be able to whore out pirouettes. All of my team would be able to out Tweddle, Beth Tweddle or they wouldn’t be on my team.

If you can’t do a pirouette or a cast to handstand with you legs together then you are banned from gymnastics for freaking life.

I would hire Mihai Brestyan ( we can debate another name if you have one) as our vault coach. He would be the only foreign coach currently coaching a gymnast allowed in my gym. That means anyone at Woga would be deported back to Syberia.

I would steal Peggy Liddick back from that continent she is currently sleeping in. She would be our beam coach. Every gymnast would need at least one E or F or G element in their beam routine.

Anyone I consider a “beast” gymnast would have to practice all beam routines over a moat filled with alligators.

Geza Poser would be shipped back to whatever place he came from and Miss Val from UCLA would now be our team choreographer. Every gymnast would be stuck in a ballet class 3 times a week for two hours a piece.

There would be no double tucks in our floor routines and like beam you need at least one major skill to get on my floor.

Compulsories are back. Every gymnast would have to learn the 84-88, 88-92, 92-96 UB, Beam, Vault and floor routines. Execution and technique matter in my gym.

That’s it for now. This is getting too long.


3 Responses to “Hostile Take over part 2”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    NY is the evil empire….

  2. exgymgurll Says:

    weve ignored the obvious things like “eliminate the useless embarassing mens team” and “eliminate trampoline and tumbling and drop rhythmic gymnastics”, the autistic gymnasts should have to execute their floor routines with a ball part way and their beam routines with ribbons

    I would eliminate Jordyn Weiber… her name is spelled wierdly and she is like a robot gymnast….I dislike her the same way I dislike all caquattos and shawniejs

    Notice NO ONE ever names shayla worley or zmeskal as their favorite gymnast?

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    Yes NY is the evil empire. I can’t believe I have to explain that. I thought was universal knowledge???

    I am not a Caquatto fan but Macko has grown on me a little. Bridgey I find unwatchable.

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