Hostile take over of Sarah, EGG and me to the rescue.

For some reasons the blog Sarah wrote has gone missing. Be patient. I am sure she will bring it back. It’s back.

Sarah has an idea. She thinks that we should take over USA-gymnastics and see what will come of it. I personally find this idea to be brilliant. Then again I find most of Sarah’s idea’s to be brilliant so I just added this one to the list.

So instead of going to bed early like I planned because I have company coming in the AM. I am going to stay up and debate Sarah’s semi brilliant blog. She did pick a wrong time to mock the favorites with the evil empire coming to town, but what the hell. I am game. I’ve dealt with this for 93 years whats another 40 or 50??? She doesn’t know just how lucky she is that Jacoby exists. If he didn’t do what he did at my game on Wednesday night my attitude might be a lot more cynical and disagreeable.

First point I want to tell Sarah, I have commented at her blog several times.Just not under GTT. I bolded this to make sure she saw this. I don’t want her to think she isn’t my favorite blogger in the world.

Point two. While I’ll admit I like Carly Patterson because she makes obnoxious comments about Romanians falling. I DO NOT like Alicia Sacramone. Perish the thought. Her recycled floor routines and cocky ass, I am the fucking queen of the sport attitude turn my stomach.

So now that this has been POINTED OUT, some in bold. Lets get to Sarah’s idea.

Majority rules! I don’t know if I can agree to this. I pretty much believe my opinion is the only opinion. How about 2 out of 3 votes wins unless I am the odd women out. Then the tie (which isn’t a tie) goes to me? Sound good?

Just think of me as the Roger Goodell of gymnastics.

If I want to publicly crucify a football team for six months for taping a walk through (which is illegal) that they never taped knowing full well they never taped it then I have the right to do that. Just call me King Goodell Queen G.T.T

I can be at any meeting at any time as long as it’s not at 7 PM during baseball season. (scheduled to change thanks to fucking ESPN and stupid Fox) 7 PM eastern time during Hockey season or on Sundays or occasionally Monday nights. I am available during basketball season. As long as it doesn’t fall during football and hockey season. Or baseball season. Oh and isn’t before 4 pm.


Sarah’s motions

I am okay with number one. Not a big , only still relevent because she
competes for no name Countries but this isn’t a deal breaker for me.

Number 2 is a must. Nastia jokes are like blond jokes.
They never get old. Especially if a blond is in the room. Sarah might not like this idea because she is blond.

I am not sure what number 3 means. Yankee fans? Do you mean these? that do stuff like this and this?

Number 4. I just can’t agree with a fine of 100 bucks for wearing cloths designed by this? Nope. I cannot do it. 100 dollars is not enough. I say death by stoning should be the price for these cloths being seen.

Number 5, can be lived with by me. No CarBot.

Number 6, is a definite HELL NO!!!! Sorry but Tatiana Gutsu is a fucking cheater. She stole Shannon Millers Gold medal. Her and her commie judge friends. I think Mercedes said it best when she said….

Find plastic surgery Sarah because there is no way in hell I will look at that whore wanna be Soviet as anything but a commie biatch.

Number 7, Scrunchies?? maybe but I am all for bangs. If you don’t have bangs you look like this. That is pretty scary.


Number 8, Red Sox season tickets worth 50 bucks? Obviously Sarah has no clue what she is talking about. 50 bucks gets you seats sitting here at Fenway


That’s right Sarah. BEHIND A POLE. Not even a cool pole like this one but an actual pole. Silly Sarah. Like most girls clueless at real sports. FYI to the left of that pole is foul. To the right a homerun.

Number 10 is fine I guess. Not sure where this love of Romania comes from but whatEvs.


Tomorrow night I will come up with my list of rules and regulations. Sub divisions and sub sub divisions.



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5 Responses to “Hostile take over of Sarah, EGG and me to the rescue.”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    Please take into account that my number one rule is that anyone named hollie vise can successfully petition to nationals and anyone named dominique isnt allowed it the building

  2. exgymgurll Says:

    and Sarah and I get to name the 2012 romanian team and the start orders….

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    I like those idea’s. Write some more down exgymgurl and I will post them on this blog. I am sure sarah will do the same thing.

  4. USAG hostile takeover, part II « Elite Gymnastics Stars Says:

    […] you won’t believe about her, trust me), I’m going to go the easy route and paste a story from GymTruthTeller’s site, where she replies to my story about me and her and our friend Exgymgurll initiating a hostile […]

  5. Sarah! Says:

    I followed up with stuff from both of you.


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