When gymnasts can’t dress themselves. And they lie.


Nastia now wants to attend NYU I can see her bandwagoning the Yankee hat much like she did the LA Laker hat when she was screwing around with Evan.

You non girly sports fans should know that Lakers and Mavericks fans don’t like each other. The Mavericks sucked for years against LA. They could not beat them. It took Antoine Walker coming to town in 2003 for the Mavericks to finally beat LA in LA. It was something like twenty years.

Nastia has been making the rounds lately pretending she is coming back to gymnastics. She recently tweeted a picture of herself standing next to a sign so she could once again tell the world she was the AA champion. She said she was forced to stand next to that sign but the girl that “forced her” to stand next to that sign has been out of the Country all summer according to IG. Man where would I get my Nastia news if it wasn’t for IG?

Her latest tweet.

NastiaLiukin Nastia Liukin
Join the club #bootcamp RT @EvanLysacek: Early workout this morning. I’m psyched to start another week of skating boot camp.

Gawd help is if she is going to be on season 2 of Skating with the stars.lol

My only question of Nastia besides her blatant lying about a comeback she has no intentions of ever really attempting is, Who the HELL picks out your cloths? This shirt you are wearing looks like something my 70 year old mother would be wearing.

Here she is with a T-Shirt and heels no less. She looks like she borrowed the necklace from her grandmother.

Look at the outfit in this picture? Nastia admits she knew the girl which should have made her ineligible to enter but whatever. Now we can add cheater to the headline. FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “When gymnasts can’t dress themselves. And they lie.”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    Nasty would make a good fuck toy if she wasn’t so damn ugly. And if she didn’t have a disgusting body. And if her voice didn’t drive nails into your soul. And if she was half the gymnast Shannon Miller was.


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