The Choker quits.

Here are the starting orders for Nationals. Besides the usual fixing of the order to have a gymnast finish on their best event so the judges can try and fix their win, you will notice Mattie Larsen’s name is not on the list.

Rumor has it that Mattie has decided to go to school at UCLA next year and will not be trying for the Olympics.

Apparently she recently tweeted that she would be competing soon at either school or Nationals it is pretty obvious which one that is if you read the above link.

Mattie Larson the choker has a new nickname. It’s now Mattie Larsen the quitter.

Mattie had no chance of making the Olympic team after she choked away the team gold medal at last years world but to quit a year before the Olympics is the cowards way out.

I know it seems like I hate Mattie (heck it seems like I hate everyone) but I don’t. I just don’t like head cases. I never have.


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8 Responses to “The Choker quits.”

  1. dd Says:

    She seems like an air head. Have you read her formspring? It looks like it was written by a third grader.

  2. exgymgurll Says:

    Sad considering all the great TV Grandpa wrote / executive produced….you’d think she could write 🙂 Choker / headcase or not she had beautiful gymnastics like Ivana Hong. I’m not convinced Hong recovered from her last string of injuries, I’m not convinced Mattie has ever healed. Makes me wonder esp after reading about Nastia’s lock for 2012 on AJ comments, if she just wasn’t told, look unless you are top 2 (AA at Visas / trials) and Im forced to name you you won’t be named. I’m also not convinced Bross is back from injury, Im shocked if she competes more than one event at Visas, but she doesnt need to or even to go to make the 2012 squad, Bross just doesnt have the it factor, shes BAMF like Chellsie, honestly I think Chellsie must have a shot or she wouldnt be training shes not about the celebunastics factor, I think Andy and Chellsie plan on holding it off until they have to. She’s shown “readiness” and quald for nationals without petitioning. She doesnt even have to pull it out in Podium training…
    Question though…did Bross have a growth spurt while injured? That bar routine while totally embarassing looked like it sustained huge lack of upper body strength?

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    I know Mattie has a formspring but I haven’t seen it or at least I don’t think I have.


    I don’t read Aunt Joyce much anymore. It’;s obvious that he now cares more about befriending the gymnasts then being his usual obnoxious self. I’ll have to read the comments to see what you are talking about. It sounds interesting:)

    I am hoping for a Woga-less Olympic team. Dear Bross, PLEASE pull an Atler.

  4. David Hobartt Says:

    Agreed, she choked in team finals at Worlds 2011. But it was Marta Karolyi’s decision to use her — Marta deserves all the credit/blame.

  5. exgymgurll Says:

    IG is so far behind u…LOL

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    Don’t ask me where I read this but I am sure I read somewhere that the coaches got together and begged Marta to use Mattie on floor. She didn’t want to do it but she relented.

    I don’t agree it was Marta’s fault. I agree it was partially her fault but Mattie gets just as much blame. She was put on this team for that routine.

    Thanks for the comments.

  7. exgymgurll Says:

    IG has the same thing you wrote….

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