US Classic, Seniors. Live blogging

Baseball was boring me so I am watching the gymnastics.

Whatever filter they have on this Universal Sports Channel has everyone looking awesome. Shawn looks in great shape. Jordyn looks skinny. Even Chellsie looks like she is as fit as she was as a young senior. I saw the pictures nobody looks as good as they do on my television

Shawn looks nervous, serious and ready to compete. They showed her UB warming up and it looked beautiful.


Macko has a really pretty blue leotard on. Different color blues. Side somi, wobble. Full turn wobble. Nice leap series. Easy double twist dismount.Pretty good routine for her. She is growing on me a little. 14.100 (5.200 start value)

Jordyn has a pretty leo too. Like Macko’s but with purple and black.

Poor Shawn. She looks so nervous.

Jordyn on beam. Well done over used connection. Ugly side somi well done. Pointing those toes well done. Small wobble on her full and it wasn’t connected. 2.5 TWIST LANDING. GREAT routine for Jordyn. 15.200 score (start value 6.100)

Gorgeous UB routine from Shawn til the dismount. Hand down. Wow, legs together on every move. Handstands looked great minus one. The hands down was unfortunate. I was watching the routine checking for those pesky leg separations. She still has the form. 13.550 for a score. Only one point off on execution after the fall. (5.500 start value)

Aly screwed up bars but didn’t fall. Form a mess but then she messed it up again. Head not in the game on this event. If I remember correctly she did this last year at Classics and nailed Nationals. Pretty leotard. 12.450 I would say that is generous. (start value, 5.700)

Mckayla Maroney on beam. Nailing things so far. As soon as I say that she bobbles twice. Sorry Mckayla. 14.550 (start value, 5.900)

Gabby Douglas- Bars– Muscled the whole routine. Had multiple form issues but she nailed the dismount. 14.950 (6.400)

Chellsie on beam. Ugly leotard. Nailed her full. Bobble on Arabian. WOW, F’in Chellsie Memmel pretty much nailed that routine even if her form is suspect. Go old people!!!!! Chellsie eating. lol 14.700 (6.100)

Sabrina Vega on beam– Horrid leotard. I didn’t see any hesitation on that connection Amanda Borden. Punch front, bobble. Back pike, bobble.
Slight bobble on full turn. Another big bobble on a switch ring. Double pike dismount. A little messy. Not a bad routine for a gymnast I don’t like at all. 14.500 (6.100)

They didn’t show Casey Jo Magee on bars. Booo. We want to see the old people.


Rotation 2:

Bridgey on floor- She has no presentation at all. Missed first pass, Full in as her second, step. Kind of messy. This is not fun to watch.
I lost interest sorry. Fall on double pike. Maybe if the girl ate something she would have the power for that routine.

Shawn on beam- She looks less nervous but still mad. I like the leo. It’s different. Kind of pretty.

Off her on laid out full. She nailed that every time in practice. Nailed everything else so far. Except that leap that by the way was completed. Bobble on her full, double pike dismount. Honestly that wasn’t as bad as it seems. She nailed a lot of things in that routine like old times. Everyone messes up at first. This will help her in the long run. 13.500

Mackenzie Wofford keeps nailing events but isn’t shown.

Mckayla on floor.- 3.5 twist was not completed. Now she is messing up some dance. Love this music though I am not sure it’s floor
On her butt on the double arabian with 4 steps back.

Mass-hole on beam. I can say that being from here. Alicia- Nailing beam so far. One bobble, Front pike, Nice routine for Alicia. 15.200 for Alicia. (9,200 execution is a but high but who cares?

Chellsie on floor- Pike double front, Double twist, This music sucks.
2.5 twist. This girl is F’n amazing. Really. Double pike. 13.650 (5.300)

They said special guest in the booth and I said OH GAWD, But it’s Shawn so all is good.


The smile is back. Simple as it is “I don’t have the numbers behind me” I doubted myself” ‘Giving herself a little slack” “Just shaking off the nerve for Visa’s”

Aly on beam- Nailed lay out. Typical Aly beam.

Sabrina on floor- She went out of bounds but I missed it. Started with a full in. Honestly I don’t get the hype. I see a little presentation but not as much as others. She bored me. She is kind of sloppy on all her landings.

Casey Jo Magee on beam- Big bobble on that ugly side somi, nice layout with a small bobble, BIG bobble on her triple turn. Not her best routine. 14.200 i way to high for all those bobbles but she stayed on. Good for her.

Mackenize Wofford is leading the competition at the halfway mark and they have yet to show her. Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS, If she won this and wasn’t shown. Universal sports must be owned by

Chellsie was low balled on floor.


Alicia on floor- Triple twist, OOB, Double Arabian, Legs together, oob, Might have been OOB on her third pass too. Nice job for Alicia. Love the music but same old routine for her. Double pike, oob. OOB 4 times. The first one might have been two feet but I didn’t see a flag for the third OOB. 13.900 WAY over score.

Yurchenko for Bridgey, Nicely done.

Aly on floor- Double front, punch front, OOB. Nailed her double front piked, Awesome. Triple twist, maybe a little short. Leaps look a little better. Double pike. Not a lot of presentation but well done for her. 14.700 (3 oob, first pass had both feet out)

Yurchenko for Chellsie- zZzZzZZzzzzzz 14.200

Amanda Jetter LIVES!!!!- Beam: Pretty leotard by Jetter. A few bobbles on beam but no huge ones. Her leaps looked good enough here. (except one) I say that because people will say differently. MLT hate. She needs a cookie.

14.600 for Sabrina on vault but it wasn’t shown. Now they are showing it. Sloppy vault especially on the feet.

Mackenzie Wofford LIVES!!!!! Come on Mackenzie: I like this kid even if her mother is a nut. Full in, low. Double pike, low. Marta will not let a Woga-abandoner win this thing if it kills her. “Chubby cheeks” please this kid is a beam poll.

Sophina- Bright leotard. Short leaps, Sorry I checked the baseball score. Missed most.

Taking forever for Woffords score. This is called fixing the score so she can’t win. 13.050. Good bye lead.

Aly can still win this if she nails that Amanar.


Alicia nailed her vaults with the same steps as usual.

Annia Li on bars- wonky full pirouette on low bar, sloppy form. Bent knee’s on her pak and then she falls. On a simple Stalder.
Why is she smiling? Look it’s better to fall now then at Nationals or camp. 14.3 not even possible. It was way too messy. Wow no more Nastia means we fix the UB score for anyone with potential?

Aly on vault- DTY or Amanar. She did the Amanar, off to the side. She was very short. 15.100 umm, no.

Chellsie on bars- Hit her routine but kind of messy. She bent her body weirdly in her jam. The Jam was also later then usual in her routine. I think. Who the hell remembers everything every gymnast does and when??? Oh some people 14.400 (5.600)

Sabrina on bars- She is a mess on this event. Long lines are her only positive. 13.500

Alicia babbles about Alicia.

Macko on bars- I forgot she was here. Marta gambled on her last year and while she hit her bars were not the big score many thought. In fact Bridget beat her on bars. This was her usual routine. 14.750

Jordyn on bars- I forgot about her too. – Not that impressive but she hit it. She labored through it. It will be interesting to see how she scores here vs international OUTSIDE of the US. 15.200 for Jordyn.
(6.5 start value. Execution score was 8.800)

Aly wins, Chellsie 2nd, Sabrina third. Wofford was Ex- Woga-ad to 4th.

It will be interesting to see how well Bridgey is scores on bars vs her sister. 10 Minutes left, will they show her? She messed up so it doesn’t matter. I guess we will have to wait until Nationals. 14.900 (6.1 start value)


Alicia is such a phony. Nice to Shawn’s face but dirty look galore behind her back. Top sit there and laugh with someone you bitch about when she isn’t arioynd is complete crap.


13 Responses to “US Classic, Seniors. Live blogging”

  1. dd Says:

    It’s about time you came back.:)

    Chellsie has no shot at Worlds with these routines. I hated Alicia’s floor. I was hoping Wofford would win so Valeri would %%%% his pants.

  2. sarals24 Says:

    THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one who thought Alicia was a total bitch. She obviously doesn’t like Shawn and I always thought she and Nastia were horrible to her. Jealous much?

    I know Chellsie hit her routines, blah blah blah, but at least Shawn is trying her old difficulty plus upgrades. Chellsie’s routines are FUG.

    I think Shawn has that killer mentality that will let this meet be a motivation for her to work even harder in the gym. There is no way she is letting Chellsie and Alicia make it over her.

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    Chellsie has a lot more difficulty coming she talked about it on gymnastike she and her dad are not showing everything yet and because she won’t go to camp, she could not petition to nationals, she HAD to qualify, they KNEW the score she had to hit and she nailed it she Beat the pants off Shawn..and MOST of the field and with a real vault like a double would have won… this was low risk and only to quaify…smart and watch out….

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thanks dd:)

    Oh look dueling opinions. Gymgurl (I am glad you are back here) and Sarals.

    I agree Chellsie’s gymnastics is fugly but at the Nationals in 08 she looked like she was working on those form issues. Then by trials it got worse and by the time the Olympics came around she was back to the same old ugly form.

    I can’t help by like her go get it attitude. She is not quitting. She is not giving up. I don’t see Marta taking her with a 5 member team since she is always getting injured.

    I personally thought Shawn looked great. She fell but her leaps looked improved. Her dance run through on floor looked great. I am a huge fan of anyone that can keep their legs together on cast to handstands and pirouettes and Shawn is the only gymnast that does this.

    Alicia is a bitch. She thinks she is queen. It is common knowledge how they treated Shawn in 08 and Alicia did nothing but give dirty looks to Shawn when she didn’t know the camera wasn’t around. The podium videos show this.

    I hope Alicia falls a part by 2012. I hope someone steps up with clean hard vaults and makes Alicia a non issue. I can tell you that everyone does not love Alicia behind her back. They might love her to her face but behind her back multiple people can’t stand her.

    It’s like a Junior high where you can’t be anything but ncie to teh queen bee when she is around.

    • Cookie Says:

      Hey, I love your blog and I’m glad to see you’re writing again! I have a question, though: what is the ‘common knowledge’ how Alicia & Nastia treated Shawn in 2008?

      I thought I had read something about the whole team leaving Shawn to warmup on her own at a 2007 meet, maybe VISAs, but is there anything else to it? I remember too when in Beijing NBC was going on about how Shawn and Nastia were BFFs and sharing a room and everything… it was so obvious that it was just a big PR thing on the part of USA Gymnastics. But I wasn’t aware of any actual hostile or ‘mean-girl’ behaviour going on.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It’s well known to gym fans.

        It’s too late for me to go into the details but Shawn has mentioned she was treated badly in an article but that was years ago.

        In short Nastia bad mouthed Chellsie to her face after Chellsie beat her in 05 and allegedly the parents got into it a little. Nastia called Chellsie fat and said she stole her AA title.

        Then in 07 and 08 Shawn was left out by queen B (itch) (Alicia) and Nastia and they made fun of her cloths and supposed up bringing.

        Everyone blames Nastia for this but I heard it was more Alicia leading Nastia like a puppy. Shayla was part of this too.

        That’s the gist of it all.

        I get teenagers are jerks to each other but it seems any time Nastia got beat in an AA she would have issues with that gymnast.

        Recently Alicia and Shawn had some small fight going through twitter but I forget exactly what that was about. The comeback maybe. Shawn made a comment about comebacks and Alicia took offense. I just remember Alicia’s tweet about how she was too old? for this. I honestly don’t remember.

        Thanks for the comments. Life has been hectic lately and filled with Stanley Cup fever. Now that this has quieted down I will have more time:)

  5. Gyminy Says:

    I love how pictures of Alicia’s floor routine show Shawn standing behind her and cheering her on.

    I can see why Alicia doesn’t like Shawn though. It’s a jealousy thing. Alicia won some big medals in 05. 06, she went to championships thinking she would be the HBIC. All of a sudden, practically out of nowhere, instead of talking about ASac and her floor/vault domination, all pretty much anyone talks is the junior dynamo that scored higher than the seniors! And, get this: she trains less hours than the normal elite and gets to go to school! After 07, it was pretty much Shawn! Shawn! Shawn! and very little about Alicia. Then, 2010 is her year. Successful comeback and vault title. Then, what do you know? Shawn pops back out and a lot of attention is taken from Alicia. I mean, every time she gets attention this young upstart pops out and is like “Ta-Da!” and instead of using it as a challenge to get better, she just resents Shawn for stealing the spotlight.

  6. sarals24 Says:

    Plus Shawn seems like a genuinely nice kid. Sorry, woman, she’s like 20 now, ancient. She always stays positive (ahem, I am looking at you, Alicia circa 2007 FX finals) and the first person to congratulate Nastia after her win in 2008 was Shawn. I know people have problems with her form, flexibility, dance, etc, but to me it’s refreshing to see a gymnast who seems to really love what she’s doing. Plus, her relationship with her coaches is adorable.

    All through her comeback she has been really honest about where she’s at, and tried to keep her fans updated and keep their expectations to a minimum. I think that is a very mature way to be about it. She seemed so nervous out there, because she didn’t want to disappoint her fans, her coaches or herself. None of this “You never know!” bullshit like Nastia. Bitch, no one cares anymore. Just say you accomplished your goals, and you are moving on. Great. I would respect you more for that. Plenty of gymnasts do that.

    As for Alicia and Shawn, I get that Alicia thought it was “her” time to shine, but really, her time to shine was in 2004, and she screwed it up. And guess what? She screwed up again in 2008. And Shawn hit. So if it comes down to those two, I truly hope that Marta picks Shawn because Alicia is too much of a liability.

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    I forgot about Alicia beating Shawn in 07 on floor. That was when all this started because Shawn beat her. I remember how Alicia acted.

    Shawn will always be a kid to me

    Shawn has great form her ONLY issue was the degree’s in her jumps and her flexibility. Many people think she has no artistry but she was not Carly Patterson who pretty much walked through a routine. She was never as bad presentation wise as people made her out to be. I feel the same way about Aly Raisman. She may never be a dancer but she is not as bad as certain people make her out to be.

  8. sarals24 Says:

    It’s a product of the code. It doesn’t reward artistry, no matter how much they try to write it in. Anna Pavlova, perfect example. I think everyone agrees her toe point was exquisite, her flexibility divine and her dance and artistry were second to none. What was the highest she ever finished? Fourth? The casual fan has no idea who she is.
    Since we reward winners, these girls are figuring out how to win. And guess what? You don’t need artistry to win. It helps, sure, it looks better, we all applaud. But Bross with her crazy legs and nonexistent dance has just as much of a chance to win the all-around in London as Mustafina or Komova. As does Wieber. Raisman won the all-around at the CGC because she had the most difficulty and hit, for the most part. Which is what the code wants. So the US can either have winners, like Bross, Raisman, Wieber, Johnson and Liukin (sorry, but curling your toes and glaring do not artistry make, although she is better than some) or we can have Anna Pavlovas. Americans like winners.

  9. gymtruthteller Says:

    I wrote a blog somewhere about how Anna’s floor was the highlight of the Olympics for me and she still didn’t score well enough. She nailed her dance her tumbling and could dance. It was beautiful and not rewarded for it.

    You are 100% correct and I agree Nastia was not artistic.

  10. Cookie Says:

    Thanks for the information! I’ll try to see if I can find that Shawn article somewhere. I have never, ever liked Nastia’s “only gold medals count” attitude, and her sore loser attitude. And even though Shawn may not be ‘artistic’ in the ballet-dancing sense, I think her attitude still makes me like her gymnastics. She obviously really loves the sport and when almost all the other gymnasts at meets permanently have an expression that looks like they’ve just sucked on a lemon, her attitude is refreshing!

    I am SO glad Nastia is not competing anymore, and that her “comeback” is not happening, because I honestly don’t think I could stand watching her constant glaring and frowing.

  11. gymtruthteller Says:

    No celebrating Nastia not competing again until it is either too late or she announces she is done because there will be no jinxing her being on that team young lady:)

    I was SO happy they never even talked to her during the Classics. THANK YOU Universal sports.

    Shawn wasn’t artistic but her routine was more then enough in the presentation department. People call Nastia artistic and she wasn’t even close to being.

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