Rebecca Bross. Can she be any uglier?

No not her looks but her gymnastics.

Here is her bars from training and they are a complete mess. Sloppy form, labored. A mess is an understatement.

For those thinking they would be free of Nastia Liukin here at Classics I have bad news. The publicity whore is here to ruin our sport for her own personal gain. She can’t let Shawn Johnson get any TV air time without her face being shoved down our throats.


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9 Responses to “Rebecca Bross. Can she be any uglier?”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    I saw this and was like…is that the bars equivalent of a timing vault…. gotta be kidding… she looks horendous her form is horrible and she didnt HIT a handstand Uggh, dont care if its a new low/ high transition skill

  2. Adex Jasette Garza Sáizar Says:

    I don’t even know why WOGA is heralding her as the ‘Next Olympic AA’er’ she won’t win. Like… Sorry, but she hasn’t competed successfully at a Worlds yet, much less Olympics. My prediction is that WOGA won’t win until Katelyn Ohashi is a senior, and, even then, she won’t be able to be an Olympian until 2016…. Tough road ahead for Miss Ohashi, tbh.

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    It was horrible. She has time to fix this but is it wrong of me to hope she fizzles out before 2012? I want a woga-less Olympic team. I would prefer Alicia break a leg too but that’s just me:)

    Adex, I agree. I don’t see her winning an AA medal with a fall as the competition gets better. Maybe this year since the Russians are all getting injured.

  4. Adex Jasette Garza Sáizar Says:

    Honestly, I could see the US pull some major strings to get the age limit lowered to let Ohashi compete, but that’s a long ass stretch. That, and…. As much as a Sacramone fan I am… I believe she’s going to sustain some sort of injury that will take her out of the game. Bross pulled out the Classic, which is smart, but I still don’t think she’ll do as well at Worlds. Hell, the world team is probably going to be: Marony, Douglas, Johnson, Memmel, and Sacramone.

    Marony, Sacramoney, and Douglas all have great vaults.

    Johnson, Douglas and Memmel will do well on bars, but I would LOVE to see Anna Li win a gold medal at Worlds.

    ASac, Johnson, and Memmel have good beams.

    As for Floor, ASac, Memmel and Johnson are my guesses.

    Then again, this is just my opinion.

  5. Adex Jasette Garza Sáizar Says:

    Wtf at Sacramone-y. Smh.

  6. Sarah! Says:

    Like Sacramone, Bross can’t get any uglier in ANY way.


  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    I don’t think Rebecca is ugly. I think she is kind of cute. Her gymnastics is ugly. Gross, close your eyes ugly. If Rebecca cared at all about her looks a little makeup would help her big time.

    I have a soft spot for Rebecca because we are both frizzy haired people. Frizzy haired people need to stick together. If I didn’t spend tonz of money on my hair to avoid having her hair we would have the same hair. She has ugly hair.

  8. Julia Says:

    You people suck! Are you gymnastics fans, or national enquirer employees? I’ve been a coach for 20 years, and while Rebecca may not be perfect when it comes to form, she’s still a world class gymnast. What kind of jealousy leads to such immature comments as I’ve read here? Grow up!!!!!!

  9. gymtruthteller Says:

    Julia. You have been a coach for 20 years and are so mature you tell people they I suggest you don’t throw stones living in that glass house. You might get a cut or two.

    This idea that you can’t call out someones bad form bad crappy gymnastics because they work hard is stupid. No one ever called her a lazy slob. We called her gymnastics as we see it. A mess. You need to deal with it.

    No one is jealous of Rebecca. God help the world if they

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