US Classic podium training

Video’s of training are all over youtube.

I love Alicia’s floor music. I like Shawn’s floor music. Both of their routines remind me of each others. Arm movement. First pass. Arm movement, second pass. Dance… Were they choreographed by the same person?

The best part of watching these video’s is seeing Alicia roll her eyes at Shawn performing before her. Alicia is the queen bitch of this group and her hatred of Shawn is typical teenage bull shit. What? You are telling me that Alicia is A BLEEPING ADULT? No way. Too bad she never acts like she is.

Shawn’s floor

Alicia’s floor

Other videos are here

Quick hits from this afternoon

Gym Examiner

More gym Examiner here Click on the vault, bars, beam or floor link on the left for more routines.

Shawn on bars

Aly on floor

Gabriella Douglas This is horrid.

Interview with Alicia where she reveals what she will tumble and her new vault.

Rebecca Bross interview

If I am bored tomorrow night I might blog Classics live. The boy is working for the weekend and I don’t have to do that.


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