Learning to live again is killing me

I know how Garth feels. Teary eyed and tragic with very little hope of surviving. Oh hell yes I am over dramatic but learning to live again is a tough thing.

This is not love related the boy is something unique I never plan on giving up but I needed to update this blog with something.

Gymnastics is pretty dead right now.

I want to know who Legendre is sleeping with to get these assignments.

Kayla Hoffman won another award. There is also a great article about her boyfriend running around during a tornado to find her which is actually very endearing. I’ll see if I can find it online.

I can’t but here is a different article about her.

Now about this learning to live again thing. What will I do with myself after next week?

Paul Hamm plans on gracing out TV’s for Nationals. Maybe. Don’t go earn that spot Paul.

I promised to lay off him if he competed this year instead of just trying to steal all the glory from everyone in 2012 and I will do my best to do just that.

Aly Raisman will go to College at Florida. Not a surprise when you consider Macko is practially her stalker on facebook.lol Don’t blame me otehrs love to share info.


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