Goodbye Comeback

There is no way in hell this girl is still training gymnastics.

She is wider then the basketball players.

This picture is worse.

I wonder when she will come clean and admit the training is over. I am not into calling names but in these pictures she actually looks over weight. Un-healthy.



5 Responses to “Goodbye Comeback”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    This one she actually looks jowly…

    Fat face….wow…. well she’s not in elite gymnastics shape that’s for sure

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Both her parents are skinny so she will even out but it’s been two over two years since China and she is clearly having issues with her weight.

    I am just thrilled the comeback is dead in the water. The thought of her code whoring, born in Russia, no depth in gymnastics being the most decorated gymnast the US has ever had makes me want to hurl.

  3. exgymgurll Says:

    The comeback is going to be something that can easily be photoshopped…like MAXIM

  4. Mia Says:

    Suddenly found this website. You are charming:)
    Hate Nastia much? Why so hateful? Did she not sign an autograph for you?
    Wishing you the best and a better way to spend your free time than this.

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    So original Mia. zZzZzZzzzzzz No one is forcing you here. Not my fault Nastia has gone to fat.

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