Mr Jalynne Dantzscher is at it again


Jalynne’s future husband has been called up to the big leagues. He is currently playing for the SF Giants. He pulled a Daniel Nava the other night and hit a grand slam in his very first at bat in the majors.

You can see his grandslam RIGHT HERE at this link.

Read about Brandon’s feat here

This is a better article on Brandon He makes a funny at the end. So true Brandon. So True.

If you are reading this right now you can also watch Brandon live on ESPN as the Giants play the St Louis Cardinals.


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2 Responses to “Mr Jalynne Dantzscher is at it again”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    I didn’t even know who this person was. Now I find out it’s twins. So one Dantzscher mucking up gymnastics wasn’t enough. Thank God the bigmouth mother isn’t a gymnast.


  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    3 Dantzscher gymnasts in all.
    Jalynne was better then Janelle and Jamie was better then both. I think they might have had another sister that did it but not for long.

    The Dantzscher’s are a fun subject.

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