USA-Gymnastics is clearly clueless

USA Gymnastics is bidding for Worlds in the year 2015. So they, like other cities including Paris put together these videos highlighting why worlds should be held in their city.

Watch the video for Paris first

Then watch clueless USA-gymnastics use “supergirl” Nastia Liukin in a 28 second video where she gets to announce she is the 2008 Olympic AA Champion for a 10.678 time. It looks like it was recorded on your mothers video camera from 1987. My phone video has a better picture.

GTT really wants to go to Worlds again but she can’t afford to go outside the Country. Plus she hates traveling alone and the boy refuses to spend all this money to watch a “shit sport” his words. Now thanks to Nastia’s inability to speak clearly I guess I’ll have to spend my money on something else.


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16 Responses to “USA-Gymnastics is clearly clueless”

  1. clindsey Says:

    Ok that obviously was NOT the video bid for the US’s chance of hosting the 2015 Worlds.. Don’t twist things around

  2. gymdogs Says:

    The way USAG has been kissing Liukins ass is extremely disgusting. F**K USAG!!!!

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    clindsay if you don’t like the blog go away. I am losing my patience with you people I am so going GGMB if it doesn’t stop. Booya

    Gymdog, You know it.

    • dd Says:

      You know what that attitude above sounds very familiar.

      gymdogs opinion makes me wonder. Why does our federation like her so much? All the trouble she started with Shawn and Chellsie out of jealousy should have soured them on shoving her down our throats. Instead they praise her.

      I wish all these people from other countries would just leave. We get labeled as arrogant Americans based on the Russians and Romanians running this sport. The whiny ones are never the actual Americans just the fake ones.

      • gymdogs Says:

        dd, you must be kidding right?? USAG’s been kissing Liukins ass because USAG is corrupt and Liukins dad is that assh**** who’s going to be the next NTC. Do you really believe Chellsie and Shawn truly wanted to praise her, given USAGs becoming Liukins family business?? You know what, her rabit nasty fans like you make people (me included) hate that b*tch even more!

      • gymdogs Says:

        correction for typo: “rabid nasty fans like you”. rabits are adorable BUT that b*tch’s rabid fans are disgusting.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        hehe gymdog called you a rabid Nastia

  4. dd Says:

    ” Comprehension is the key to understanding.”

    I read over and over what I wrote and I have no clue what you are talking about GD. Rabid Nastia fan. As if.

  5. 70 Says:

    I didn’t know Nastia went to prom with Steve. I guess all her boyfriends ping that gaydar. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)

    I hope that is not the video. If it is then the US doesn’t deserve worlds.

    • chickidoodle Says:

      Steve gay?! BAHAHA. You people saying that must have NO clue about him, or ever met him to have that impression. Too bad you’re to much of losers to ever meet him too!

  6. Sarah! Says:

    I’d rather watch a fucking rabbit do gymnastics than Nastia. It could shit all over the beam, then Bross could see the pellets and go, “Wow – Raisinettes!”


  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    70 I get the same feeling from
    His fans seems pretty sensitive too.

    Sarah that is gross.loll Gross, Gross, Gross

  8. Malia Says:

    Nastia isn’t at camp this month. Maybe she has given up this free pass to Worlds she thinks she is owed.

  9. Holly-LA Says:

    I have no words, I HOPE that is not the U.S.’s video. WOW. The video for Paris was great, I really liked it.

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