Dearest Steve Legendre


Steve Legendre is the biggest choke job US gymnastics has ever seen. If I gave a crap about men’s gymnastics you would be the last person I would ever want on my team. Not only that he has shitty taste in women. He took Nastia Liukin to prom after leaving her favorite flowers in her locker to ask her. Aww how creepy and stalkerish and chicken. Couldn’t even ask her to her face.

He has this amazing floor routine with a crazy start value when he hits. Problem is he spends more time on his ass or stepping out of bounds with both feet then Dominique Dawes ever did. Hence blowing a chance at a medal.

It’s time for USA-Gymnastics to get serious about mens gymnastics and leave home the Legendre’s of the world. Fact is he is always messing up this difficult routine because it is too difficult for him to do.

Forget Dawes he is the Sasha Cohen of gymnastics.

The US needs some pommel horse guys on their team and they need to leave home the headcases like Steve that will hit to get themselves in a final only to choke when the final comes along.

I hope the US remembers it only won that medal at the last Olympics because Sasha Artemev hit the pommels when they needed it. After the other two choked.



30 Responses to “Dearest Steve Legendre”

  1. Polytroll Says:

    put down the beer bottle already. Steve is helpful to USAG and he will be in the mix and if he earns a spot, so be it. He is pushing the difficulty envelope, but we need people doing that to challenge the team overall. He got the Dragulescu and now Horton and Brooks are working it also.

    Sure, he’s inconsistent, but chill already.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      What do I look like to you some cheap College bimbo? I don’t drink beer. That is for the Jamie Dantzscher and Jeanette Antolins of the world.

  2. omae wa ahou Says:

    He hit 5 for 5 at worlds last year during qualifications and team finals, that’s 10 for 10 plus his scores counted on all his events, you failed to mention that. What he does at World Cups is irrelevant, it’s an individual comp that can’t be compared with Worlds. I don’t think you’re intelligent enough to talk about MAG at all, you should stick with Pak saltos and leotards.

  3. Yeah, right Says:


    Legendre was in the TF in Rotterdam. He didn’t choke on FX – he got the HIGHEST SCORE OF THE NIGHT.

  4. Adex Says:

    FO real. I’m so over him choking time after time. I can’t wait to get out of my neck brace and start training again. (I was/am a VT, FX, HB, and PH specialist)

  5. FYSS Says:

    conundrum though….Sasha is as much of a choker as Legendre. it’s a damn miracle he hit as well as he did in Beijing.

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    You people have short memories. Hitting is not the same as not falling.

    Is he or is he not supposed to be the best floor worker the US has?

    He hit in team finals, didn’t hit in the event finals and qualified 4th into event finals on floor. That means 1 of 3 times he messed up. 66 % is FAILURE. He easily could have choked away the team final instead of event finals.

    Who wants to talk vault now? Two vaults and he didn’t qualify to the finals.

    Lets talk Nationals last year. On floor he had a 14.400 and a 15.600. That’s 50% hitting ability on floor. He hit his vaults but got these ridiculous scores in the 17’s that he did not even come close to getting at Worlds.

    He is not consistent. Thanks for playing.

    • omae wa ahou Says:

      You should check the mathematics on that claim. First of all, you phrased your sentence incoherently. What you meant to say was that he hit in prelims, hit in team finals and then messed up in event finals, that’s not 66% failure but 66% success. You can’t do simple calculations in your head yet you expect us to take your opinions seriously. Then you bring up a prom for no apparent reason, just because nobody asked you to prom you don’t need to take your hate out on people that have actually accomplished something. She ended up going with him so he must have done something right. Don’t try to write about things you don’t know anything about, I suggest you do a write up on why it’s important for girls to wear pretty leotards during competition instead.

  7. Yeah, right Says:

    Stick to your leotards and Pak Saltos. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Nissen Emery award winner, 3 time NCAA FX Champion (second the other time), tied with Jon Horton for NCAA Championship individual title record, NCAA AA Champion….not to mention multiple NCAA VT, FX, and AA regular season titles. Not the record of a headcase.

    Hit some of the hardest FX routines ever done on a regular basis last season.

    If you look at the totality of his record, the hits far outweigh the misses.

    But of course, you won’t. It’s no use arguing, because your interest in him is likely more motivated by him making the mistake of asking Nastia Liukin on a date than his potential usefulness to the US team.

    Those VT scores at US Nationals were in the 17s because of bonus. The scoring at Worlds didn’t have that.

    And Artemev…funny you should bring him up…he was a far bigger choker than Legendre ever was, yet he won the US an Olympic Bronze.

    And Legendre is no longer the best FX worker in the US. That would be Jake Dalton.

    Thanks for playing.

    • JM Says:

      Steve belongs in College. If by luck he does stand up his floor routine and wins a medal it will be because others faltered. I agree his difficulty level is too high for his talent level. If your ability to hit the routine is less then 50% which is evident by his results in 2010 then it is time to fix the routine. I personally wouldn’t want him on my team.

      Sasha hit on the biggest stage and won a team medal. Why you feel the need to slight his ability to make Steve look better is rather immature. The blogger gave their opinion. An opinion many inside the gymnastics community agree with I might add.

      It’s sad when there is gym on gym crime.

  8. dd Says:

    Be careful GTT I heard Steve has a stalker named Kevin that goes around to any message board or blog and defends Steve’s nose till the cows come home.:)

  9. Yeah, right Says:

    Somebody knows enough about Nastia to know someone left flowers and a note in her locker asking her to the prom…a little more stalkerish than people pointing out somebody has their facts and logic wrong when a comes to a specific athlete.

    Legendre has been inconsistent enough in international meets that USAG will have questions about placing him on future teams if there are other more consistent guys who can fill the spot. The USA does have a lot of strong tumblers and vaulters, but I’m sure this blogger doesn’t know the name of a single one.

    It doesn’t matter anyway. Either he can do it or he can’t. Time will tell.

  10. gymtruthteller Says:

    Yeah Right you must be Kevin.

    DD, His own stalker? No name gymnasts have stalkers? Who knew.

    Thanks Jennifer and gym on gym crime is sad:)

    • JM Says:

      I’ve worked in gymnastics for many years. At well known gyms and in the last few years I have gone back to school to get my degree just so I wouldn’t have to work in gymnastics for men. I could have sued for sexual harassment and won if I wanted too. Instead I chose to leave the sport of men’s gymnast altogether.

  11. gymtruthteller Says:

    You are confusing me name that is way to long. When have I done a leotard blog? Seeing things much? Have you thought about therapy? Medication?

    I went to prom. 3 of them in fact and I my daddy didn’t pay someone to take me either because no one else would. Ooops cat out of the bag.

    P.S- Incoherently is actually incorrectly being used on your part. My comments might have been out of succession but anyone with a brain understood. My math was not off but the labeling of my math was. Mistakes happen. Kind of like Lebron leaving that arm pit Cleveland Ohio and going off to sunny Miami. Even if he loses he still has the sun.
    The mistake, ever staying in Cleveland.

    I forget who said it but which ever one of “you” made fun of women’s gymnastics in the name of mens gymnastics. All I have to say to you is thanks for the laugh.

    Your sport is considered a blight on the “good” name of gymnastics. No one cares about you which is why Colleges are losing programs left and right these days. Keep bragging it makes for a funny read.

  12. Matty Says:

    Imagine if Nasty and Steve had kids. With his big nose and her hairline
    they would be the ugliest fucking kids the world has ever seen.

  13. Yeah, right Says:

    Poor Steven. His own stalker won’t even claim he’s the best US guy on floor.

    “Your sport is considered a blight on the “good” name of gymnastics. No one cares about you which is why Colleges are losing programs left and right these days. Keep bragging it makes for a funny read.”

    Ever heard of Title lX? What men’s program was lost recently, anyway?

    Forget Legendre. Let’s move on to the important stuff.

    Who’s dad paid someone to take them to the prom?

  14. Anon Says:

    As someone who actually knows Steven Legendre and has seen him compete and train for years, I can’t thank you enough for your insightful commentary. Obviously you, an anonymous internet gymnastics fan, knows far more than Legendre himself, his coaches, USA Gymnastics and the international gymnastics judges, who have repeatedly ranked him among the world’s best on floor exercise. I’m assuming, based on your listed criteria, you would also advise Danell Leyva to “retire already,” because he didn’t even make the same World Cup finals you castigate Legendre for failing to win. Or what about the three athletes on last year’s World Championship team that didn’t advance to even a single event final, including World bronze medalist and National Champ Jonathan Horton? I’m confident you’d agree they should all hang their heads in shame and abandon the sport like the worthless scrubs they are.

    Since Legendre is obviously inferior and incapable of success, I’m confident you can enumerate all the World medals won on floor by other American athletes (those that are superior to Legendre and should continue in the sport) in the last seven years, because I fail to find a single one. (In fact, only two American men in the history of the sport have ever won a World floor medal.) Or the hordes of American men who have advanced to successive World Championship finals, on any event, in that same period (or even before)? And what about all the other gymnasts who have never even made a World Championships team, or won an national event title? Clearly, they should all hang it up. In fact, it would probably be extremely helpful if you simply made a list of gymnasts who can and can not continue to compete and submit it to Kevin Mazeika and Martha Karolyi. I’m sure they’d be grateful.

    As would the rest of the 2008 Olympic team who, according to you, needn’t have competed, since Sasha Artemev, a gymnast who competed on only a single event, was the “only reason” they won the team bronze medal. The same Artemev who fell so many times in competition prior to that performance he was originally left off of the Olympic Team altogether. The same Artemev who had a hit percentage in his last four competitive pommel performances leading up to the Games of 25%. Oh and, the same Artemev who finished seventh in the Olympic pommel horse finals after falling. Ditto that for his performance in the 2007 World Championships (sixth). What a “choke job”! He should most definitely have retired long before Beijing. Too bad you weren’t around to edify him with your expert advice.

    I’m sure Jonathan Horton, who had the night of his life and contributed five flawless events in team finals; or Justin Spring, who was absolutely amazing on everything he did, would be relived to know their performances did not contribute to the bronze medal they now possess. I’m sure all Artemev’s teammates wish they had known that their contributions were unnecessary prior to training daily for 15-25 years and then competing two, three, four or even five events at the Games in team finals. Think about the effort and stress they could have avoided!

    As an expert on who should and should not be on major teams, I’m sure you can explain your astute assertion that “the U.S. needs some pommel horse guys” when pommel horse is the lowest scoring of the men’s events, while vault and floor, which happen to be Legendre’s specialities, are the highest.

    Thanks for having the courage and insight to critique a gymnast’s prom date (from five years ago) as part of their competitive criteria. I almost forgot that section of the current code. Is it now difficulty+education+prom? The “P” panel?

    Did you even see Legendre’s Moscow Cup routine (both prelims and finals are available via YouTube)? Or that of the other athletes in finals? Every single athlete downgraded because of a particularly unforgiving floor, repeatedly described as “hard as a rock,” with three of the four finalists succumbing to major errors. Since you like percentages, that’s 75% of the field that struggled, not just Legendre who, even with the fall, still had the highest Start Value of the field. Guess they should ALL call it quits.

    Not that I expect any kind of logic to dissuade you from your rant, but it’s certainly easy to verify that from January to April of this year, Steven Legendre competed at least 14 floor routines, none with an FIG Start Value of less than 6.5, and fell on a grand total of one of those routines you insist are, “too difficult for him to do.” Throw in his new May 50/50 record and he’s looking at an 88% hit percentage on floor exercise for 2011. If he was a baseball player he’d be batting an .875, which is roughly triple the average any major league player is currently hitting.

    Yep, you’re right, what a loser!

  15. Ophelia Says:

    17 comments about Steve Legendre.? Did he write them himself.?

    Hopefully he breaks a leg before the Olympics so he gets left back in the states. The US has enough chokers on the US team. They don’t need him.

    Has he come out of the closet yet?

  16. 70 Says:

    We better get someone that can hit the pommels when we need it. Steve isn’t needed on the 2012 team. We have enough decent vaulters and the only other event he is usable on is floor if he hits. Steve’s form is pretty bad especially on floor and vault.

    I have heard stories about Steve and how he acts when his girlfriend isn’t around. I hope they aren’t all true. I don’t get the appeal. He is kind of gross and icky. Some guys will sleep with anyone.

  17. gymtruthteller Says:

    Over Sensitive Steve fan needs a tissue. You opinion as him as a person has nothing to do with him being a choker. I never called him a piece of shit. I called him a overrated gymnast and he is. Obviously you have not read this blog in the past or you would understand my dislike of the ultimate choker in Sasha Artemev but he hit that night and he deserves credit for it. Fanatics, Maybe it’s a Texas thing.

    70, I agree.

    Ophelia,lol One of the comments was from Oklahoma. You do the math.

  18. Yeah, right Says:

    I can make Anon statement a lot shorter. You and some of these other people have no idea what you are talking about. I bet the only reason you are even bothering to write about Legendre is he had one date with Nastia.

    Who’s dad paid someone to take her to the prom, again?

  19. Yeah, right Says:

    And…all you Legendre supporters out there…remember this place isn’t a news outlet, it’s pure entertainment (which is why I read it, it does deliver on that score). Just look at all the old posts trashing Nastia – just who is the fanatic here? Those alone should tell anyone all he or she needs to know about this blog.

  20. Anon Says:

    It may be juvenile and pointless, but I have no problem with people hating on Steven Legendre or any other gymnast. Say he smells funny. Say he’s too gay. Not gay enough. Ugly. Dumb. Whatever you want. That’s your “opinion.” But saying he’s, “the biggest choke job US gymnastics has ever seen,” is simply provably untrue.

    Any idiot can start a blog, but when they do they should expect that others will, in fact, point out that what they’re saying makes no freaking sense.

    I’m pretty sure this is the only post I’ve ever seen from this site, but if it’s indicative, it’s pretty easy to determine that the “Gymtruthteller” knows diddly squat about gymnastics. Not because they don’t like Legendre, but because they couldn’t possibly be more wrong about the “reasons” they provide for doing so.

  21. dd Says:

    If someone falls every time they compete at least once that is a choker in my book. 1 out of 3 floor routines. 1 out of two vaults. That’s choking.

    You take this blog to seriously. It’s meant as a joke and GTT makes me laugh every time. That is why I come here so much.

    OMG writing about a gymnast on a gymnastics blog?

    Keep writing GTT. You can tell who has the hidden agenda here. Someone has an ax to grind and I am sure we all know which Texas freak family member it is. Notice they only show up when it involves them? I’m sure you noticed.

  22. gymtruthteller Says:

    Don’t worry about it dd. I could care less what people and their “private hidden forums” say. I mean if you have to get 3 people together to plan a few whiny comments what a life you must

    Don’t like DON’T READ. Steve choked again at the Z cup. Proof proven:) How does someone get an 11.900 anyway?

  23. Retiredgymnast2008 Says:

    All of you who talk shit need to shut the hell up and get on the damn gymnastic team yourself. Oh that’s right you can’t do shit but to sit on your ass and talk shit. That’s brilliant!

  24. Triffis Says:

    In my opinion, you lost all credibility and respect in anything you had to say when you attacked Steven’s character and taste in women, which have nothing to do with his gymnastics ability. Your poor grammar and half-hearted personal attacks are offensive and unjustified.

    Grow up.

  25. gymtruthteller Says:

    Sorry for the delay in approving your thoughtful comments retiredgymnast too chicken to use your real name but I have been busy. ” I have much bigger goals “

  26. gymtruthteller Says:

    Triffis. WordPress sent your comment to the spam folder so that I why I didn’t approve it sooner. I didn’t know it existed.

    As for growing up take your own advice. It’s a blog if you don’t like it don’t read it.

    OH NO The grammar police, waaaaaaah. Don’t you think I know how bad my spelling and grammar are? If I cared I would have stopped blogging before I started.

    Onto the ice.

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