Chinese Nationals

IG stole the info from someone and used it as their own with no credit did a write up

It’s so sad to see the gymnasts you loved fall a part and new ones take over. Then you end up loving the new ones almost as much.

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Women’s All-Around Final Total
1. Tan Sixin Shanghai 58.000
2. Yao Jinnan Fujian 57.100
3. Zeng Siqi Hunan 56.000
4. Sui Lu Shanghai 55.650
5. Jiang Yuyuan Zhejiang 54.650
6. Huang Huidan Zhejiang 54.400
7. Deng Linlin Anhui 53.650
8. Yang Yilin Guangdong 53.250
9. Zhang Yelinzi Hubei 52.650
10. Zheng Wen Shandong 52.600

Men’s All-Around Final Total
1. Teng Haibin Beijing 89.250
1. Guo Weiyang Liaoning 89.250
3. Lu Bo Jiangsu 88.750
4. Zhang Chenglong Shandong 88.650
5. Liu Rongbing Guizhou 88.550
6. Huang Yuguo Shandong 88.050
7. Yang Shengchao Guizhou 87.850
8. Liao Qiuhua Guangdong 87.500
8. Tong Yingjie Jiangsu 87.500
10. Zhou Shixiong Guangdong 86.300


This child is as cute as can be. US gym fans will have her winning the Olympics in no time. She really is adorable.

Medal ceremony


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5 Responses to “Chinese Nationals”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    Well at least this one has teeth, which is critical when putting a 9 year old in competition. Kim Gwang Suk’s handlers learned that the hard way.

    INTERVIEWER: So how come she don’t have any teeth?
    KIM’S COACH: She knock ’em out on beam.
    INTERVIEWER: Really. Those were her adult teeth, right?
    KIM’S COACH: Sure. Of course.
    INTERVIEWER: Then how come I can see new teeth sprouting through her gums?
    KIM’S COACH: Ah, this is because she is anomaly. Not like most girls. Got three sets of teeth, plus two pretty good vault! Plus she always win at Go Fish. See? Anomaly!


  2. gymtruthteller Says:


  3. exgymgurll Says:

    Those kids look like they are 9 years old-11 years old He XeXin and Yang Yilin actually look like they are 16 this go around….great gymnastics for Juniors SAD because they probably will be 11 and 13 year old olympians in 2012

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    They do look young but I never would have believed Shannon and Dawes were 15 and 16 in 1992 either.


  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    if Zeng is 15 I am 21

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