Sarah’s top 10

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I must admit I didn’t read the blog. Look I’m tired. I stayed up to watch a baseball game that ended at 3 AM in the morning and ended badly to boot only to wake up early and go watch the same thing happen live (not memorex) but the top ten things you learned from reading said blog almost made me spit my Margarita on my computer screen so I had to post it here.

Sarah I love you but I just am to damn tired to read write right now. (Yes I am that tired)

So at least read the top ten. Just don’t be drinking anything when you do.

Obama, Ona and someone else blog

1. Osama bin Laden’s full name has as many syllables (13) as Lilia Alexandrivna Podkopayeva’s.
2. Good luck wading through the thesis Gina Gogean wrote to get her Ph.D. in gymnastics.
3. The way to tell Barack Obama and The Rock apart is, The Rock is gay and his birthplace can be verified.
4. Osama and Obama have both ordered killings, but Obama is a Christian, so that’s okay.
5. Oana Ban never ordered any killings, but she has a very high cute-factor.
6. American gymnasts live fairy tale lives because they get to live at home and eat like pigs.
7. The Japs love shit like obstacle courses, and they particularly love them when non-Japs participate on them.
8. Dominique Moceanu led the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team to a gold medal and thereby changed the course of gymnastics history without any help from anybody.
9. Oana was the second gymnast to have a bobble head doll made in her likeness. The first was Dominique Moceanu. Dominique also built a church and a gym and flew to the Cayman Islands with a 32-year-old married man.
10. Romanian gymnasts aren’t allowed to have sex with married men.



5 Responses to “Sarah’s top 10”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    Thank you for this!

    Did you go watch the Red Sox? Did you see anybody with Red Sox Suck T-shirts?

    I hope you didn’t ruin your screen. I don’t want to be the cause of that.

    You’ll probably have less chance of spitting (at the screen, anyway) with the latest Carly story, since I know you like her.


  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I didn’t spit on the screen I almost did. So I won’t be suing you for a new one SARCASM Smile

    I can handle the losing baseball. I did it for 86 years I can do it for a few more. Plus I am not one of those fans that thinks we deserve to win every year like a certain group of fans that literally do suck. There is even a chant. Anyway I am much more involved in hockey these days then baseball unless I am at one of the ten games I have left. It’s kind of annoying to pay money to see this shit.

    I am off to read the Carly story.

    • Sarah! Says:

      Yeah, I got the sarcasm – you don’t need to put flashing lights around it for me, but you have to with some people.

      We have Dodgers season tickets but hardly ever go, because we’re rich enough to support the Dodgers but not rich enough to buy me a new desk.


  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    You should lend your owner some money then. My team sure dodged a bullet on that one (He wanted to buy my team but MLB said no) I actually feel bad for Mccort. Bud just took his team away after paying the payroll of the Mets for years.

    I totally love when parents say they have no money and come home with a new car. No one believes you old people.

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