When Phil is right he is right. SP Skating results

SP Results

When Phil is right boy is he is right the problem is he is usually wrong. I would like to disagree with him here but I can’t.

Having the worlds in Russia is a travesty. They cheat. It is disgusting how blatantly they cheat and their skaters suck. Both of them suck. That might be cruel but Alena Leonova is like watching a poor women’s Irina Slutskaya without the jumping talent. Ksenia Makarova being in the position she is in is hilarious. She isn’t good enough to be a US skater but competing in Russia makes her the worlds 3rd best SP? LMAO um no.

Alissa Czisny is kind of like a broken clock. She is right twice a day. Problem with Alissa is when she needs to hit she doesn’t. She had some issues in her SP but it isn’t an Olympic year so all we know for sure is she might stand up. She might fall. If it was an Olympic year she would be on her ass.


LOVE the dress. Like the music and to be fair her only real issue was missing the combination where she didn’t attempt the second jump so she could do it later. It’s hard to argue she was so bad she didn’t deserve to be near the top because most of her skating is light years ahead of everyone else but I agree with what Phil said about Miki.


Miki was Miki. Consistent if not a little boring. Mao was a mess. Missed two of her 3 jumps?

Rachael Flatt is injured. If she did not double the triple lutz she would be in third place right now. Apparently she got level 4 for her step sequence

I will not even bother to talk about the ridiculous scoring of useless Carolina Kostner.

Worlds sucks. You know what sucks worse? any skating competitions in Russia.


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One Response to “When Phil is right he is right. SP Skating results”

  1. Vendetta Says:

    Done with Alissa. She’s another Sandhu without the diva ‘tude. She skated cleaner than she has in the past, but she still fucked up and fell out of medal contention. I can’t believe Kostner was marked like she was. Flatt had no business competing at all.

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