What is wrong with Shayla Worley?

Shayla has been a mess almost her entire time at Georgia. Some of it can be blamed on injuries but most of it can be blamed on Shayla being Shayla. Lets face the facts. She has never been very consistent as a gymnast.

I am sure they expected more from Shayla then to score 3 subpar routines at the biggest meet of the year. This is kind of sad and pathetic.

Georgia deserves better as a power house College gymnastics program. Shayla needs to start earning her free ride to College.



4 Responses to “What is wrong with Shayla Worley?”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    A post season day in Georgia Gymnastics

    Jay: Krista I’m sorry you lost the amazing gymdog race
    Krista: But I let courtney mccool tear my hair out and did everything you asked
    Jay: Thats true I didnt ask you to do extra cardio, you make a valid point, you lost the race to the treadmill/ elliptical / spin class, how was it that Courtney Kupets stayed in shape again I don’t remember…
    So next year note to self ask Krista to do cardio (not tell her just gently suggest)
    Krista: You wouldn’t want me to work too hard, I’ve heard skinny people have their hair fall out and I can’t afford to lose my hair, its what I’m known for… we dont have anyone else on the team to carry on Cassidy’s tradition of a poof, tendrills and a pony tail all in the same hairdo
    Jay:Thats so true, you are the only one left to pull off the triple hair style I wouldnt want you to get too skinny or we might lose that winning tradition
    Krista: I can do bangs too ….and don’t forget how much better the glitter looks in my hair than it does in Shayla or Noel’s
    Jay: So true well congrats on another great year for the team and have a great summer

    Jay(to Shayla): Hey hows my fragile fine piece of China
    Shayla: Oh Jay you’re hysterical, I only had my appendix rupture and my wisdom teeth fall out this week, Im GREAT
    Jay: You think you can swing some bars?
    Shayla: Oh Jay maybe when I get back from Australia I’m going to christianize the aboriginal population and teach them how to do cartwheels
    Jay: Okay just don’t break anything
    Shayla: Oh Jay I’ll just come back with gout and bursitus from all the weird food they eat in Australia, and probably leprosy, but it will be worth it because I’m spreading the word of God
    Jay: Shayla you are the most beautiful person with the most beautiful floor routine, how can I not keep you on the team?
    Shayla: Thats true you know Kat Ding won’t lead the team in prayer for the lepers like me
    Jay: Have a great summer Shayla cant wait to see you back in the gym
    Shayla: thanks Jay you know once I get all the prothlethizing out of my system I’ll be way more focused…
    Jay: Focus is good… thats why I keep tin foil on my desk. See how it reflects the light?
    Shayla: Wow that IS cool..
    Jay: I think its winter in Australia so be ready for that
    Shayla: Okay I’ll bring a jacket or maybe just a vest, I hear once you get leprosy your arms fall off but I’ll definitely rehab that in time for next season
    Jay: Have a great trip can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back

    Noel: You wanted to see me coach Clark?
    Jay: Thats right, I have to tell you I think of the Sophomores remaining, were going to have to cut your scholarship
    Noel: But why coach I was the most consistent?
    Jay: True but you don’t have Krista’s hair or Shayla’s angelic selfless christianity Georgia gymnastics was built on big weird hair and christianity, think of Cassidy McComb and Courtney Kupets
    Noel: true but wasn’t Courtney Kupets also consistent…
    Jay: Yeah but that only goes so far its the intangiables that determine greatness and you haven’t shown in two years that you have the intangiables like Shayla and Krista do
    Noel: true I don’t I guess I’ll take my consistency and bad hair to Alabama Arkansas or Oklahoma where like Hollie Vise I can be appreciated for being a less popular Christian girl
    Jay: Here you go, Ive signed your release you can go to any team in the country
    Noel: I guess I really don’t fit in to Georgia gymnastics
    Jay: Thats true Noel, Im sorry enjoy the rest of your career
    (we see Noel exit and do a happy dance because truly she comes out ahead)

    End scene

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    And her tweets are silly

  3. Polytroll Says:

    Shayla is a bad kid. Toxic personality, plust crappy gym. Would not be surprised if she were cut.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Poly you are back. Sometimes you go to spam. When I find you there I take you out but sometimes I forget to look.

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