National Championships prelims wrap up.

Your top 6 teams that made it to the final 6 are as followed. I didn’t watch a single routine but I am not surprised to hear from dd that UCLA was held up.

Florida is out and so is Georgia. Alabama looks to be the team to beat but UCLA has a way of being over scored so don’t count them out. Oklahoma is consistent but the judges don’t seem to like them.

University of Oklahoma 196.775
University of Michigan 196.700
UCLA 196.500
University of Alabama 197.050
University of Nebraska 196.850
University of Utah 196.200


Scores for the day session

Judges score sheet

1 University of Oklahoma 196.775
2 University of Michigan 196.700
3 UCLA 196.500
4 University of Arkansas 195.450
4 University of Georgia 195.450
6 University of Illinois 195.100

Scores for the night session

1 University of Alabama 197.050
2 University of Nebraska 196.850
3 University of Utah 196.200
4 University of Florida 196.125
5 Oregon State University 196.100
6 Kent State University 195.000


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2 Responses to “National Championships prelims wrap up.”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    Dude… macko and Shayla pulled Mattie Larson’s….. I wonder if Pulling a Larson is contagious like MONO…that would explain it. The only Ex-elites that didnt melt down were Peszeck who’s mom needs to put her on a “summer slimdown” IE major diet and exercise cardio program….and Lothrop who showed why she was an alternate.
    Maybe Marta knew something we didnt when Peszeck made the olympic team

    Shayla needs to get it out of her head that she is too hurt to do anything if she feels that way she should quit and find something else in life.

    I’m not being catty its just true… Sam needs to lay off the candy bars. Shayla needs a sport psychologist in the worst possible way and the whole Georgia team needs a B12 shot or something. Their gymnastics made Geralyn Stack Eaton’s look inspired which is sad. Its also sad that Georgia has become a bunch of has been whiny washed up losers here’s a hint stop recruiting injured people and people with “syndromes” or “chronic” issues at 17… look for more people like Lindsey Cheek who although lackluster in their skill set have a desire and bring it when the pressure is on.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Shayla has always been an injured mess. I agree Sam looks chunky. Macko has been overscored all year. It was nice to see her finally get dinged when she made mistakes.

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