Mustafina injured Dementeyva takes title

Mustafina tore her meniscus and left in a wheel chair so her teammate Anna Dementyeva took the AA title.

All these titles except bars will have an asterisk next to the winner since Aliya got injured but besides Aliya this whole meet has an asterisk with no one from China or the US.

It’s Opening day so my thoughts have been in other places so I am off to see what has gone on in the lost day


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6 Responses to “Mustafina injured Dementeyva takes title”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    IG is now reporting it’s an ACL thats torn… in some ways better than a meniscus

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    IG likes to report things before they know what they are talking about. The meniscus was their reporting too.

    Regardless what a waste. Her twisting is sloppy as shit but at least she isn’t a robot. She at least makes this sport somewhat fun again

  3. FYSS Says:

    c’mon the results of the EUROPEAN championships don’t need an asterisk since China & the US aren’t there….that’s like saying the Asian Games need an asterisk since the US & Russia weren’t there….illogical.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    FYSS Lets do some re-search shall we. Starting with the AA.

    Missing from this competition is the top 6 from the world championships. Top 7 AAers because Nabieva didn’t do the AA here. That leaves us with Ariella Kaeslin as the next best gymnast.


    We are missing the top 4 vaulters which brings us again to Ariella at 5th.

    Bars can not be an asterisk because any bar competition with Beth Tweddle deserves props and she won. We could still say asterisk because the top 7 finalists did not compete here which brings us to number 8 miss sloppy def herself.

    Beam: Demi finished 6th at worlds. She won here. I don’t have to even bring up who won medals at Europeans to prove this point which brings us to

    Floor: Chelaru won a silver at worlds but she didn’t deserve it. She won a medal here. Izbasa competed but she messed up big time at worlds.

    So if you are missing 70% of the medal winners from the world championships the year before then an asterisk I stand by. Once Mustafina was injured this whole competition became ZzZzZzzz

    10 of the 12 medal winners werent in the finals at Europeans . Beth and Diana being the only two that were.

  5. FYSS Says:

    I mean, yes, most of the best aren’t there, but that’s because they’re not European…the championships are supposed to determine who’s the best in Europe. There can be an asterisk because Aliya got out, but otherwise there’s nothing amiss about the results that deserves an asterisk….these are, rather unfortunately, the best gymnasts in Europe, and they’ll (mostly) deservedly get their asses handed to them at worlds.

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    FYSS that was MY point.
    Heck all of gymnastics deserves an asterisk since 1997

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