Men are stupid.

Shannon talks about losing her hair

What kind of person would make fun of someone that had chemotherapy?

This is a new low for Aunt Joyce. Not to mention that men are the dumbest idiots on the planet if they think a women would go on National Television with no hair just to publicize a website.
Only a fucking man would say something so inane.

I got a bad haircut when I was 14 and I cried for weeks. I can’t imagine losing my hair.

Shannon chokes up talking about losing her hair in that video above. I know I would do the same thing.

Why do you think I never make fun of Nastia’s receding hairline? because I am a girl.

WTF is wrong with some men?


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8 Responses to “Men are stupid.”

  1. dd Says:

    What do you expect from him? He is a lunatic.

    Some of the comments being said on that blog about Shannon are down right coming because people are stupid.

    One person on gymcoaching said Shannon getting chemo when she didn’t have to just for publicity. Talk about ignorant.

  2. Sarah! Says:

    This is just appalling. I wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t posted something about it.

    This is a case where a sensible person doesn’t need to be told what to think about the comment at Aunt Joyce’s. It should automatic, assuming you were raised with any kind of values and standards. (I know – listen to ME talk about standards but still . . .)


  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    Some people do not have Common sense.

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    It’s disgusting my aunt just died of cancer. That just makes me sick shannon wants THE BEST POSSIBLE ODDS to be alive for her son I GET that if someone said this will improve your odds 1% or 2% I’d be all yes please. Shannon was brought up in Christian science which is a perspective on medicine she talked about how pins and surgeries were difficult and she works with their faith healing community. Even Kim zmeskal had a nice supportive tweet a few days ago about this that made me say wow that was awesome that she did that. You can’t pick on the choices people make it’s their body their life and most of us arent oncologists…..I eat a macrobiotic diet which is said to cure cancer without chemotherapy but I would never ever tell someone with a life threatening disease to just eat better it’s ridiculous I’m not a doctor it’s between Shannon her docs and her family and honestly that she’s sharing it at all will probably save lives and benefit more people than any gold medal ( even one earned by carly marylou or nastia ) ever did on a real level where some kids mom survived cancer because shannons story inspired early detection…. Soapbox over peace all

    • Sarah! Says:

      Amen! Go Shannon!

      Those medals won by Carly, Mary Lou and Nastia actually might could make you sick. I know watching Carly and Nastia makes me sick, and fortunately I never have to watch Mary Lou, so I’m spared that one.


  5. exgymgurll Says:

    I was so irritated when I wrote that on my phone last night. As a mom I get exactly what Shannon’s doing and why she’s doing it and its like chemo for publicity…???? Thats not her and that’s disgusting she explained why shes doing the chemo more than she had to to be quite honest, and ummm any mom that loves their kiddos and wants to see them grow up should understand any decent human being should understand.

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    He obviously doesn’t care that he looks like an insensitive idiot because he added a poll at the bottom of the page asking who is to blame more for the way Shannon is after her career ended Steve or Peggy.

    If his posts in the past have indicated he has pretty much been a Shannon hater the entire time he has written his blog which renders his opinion biased and pointless anyway.

    I know the same could be said for my opinion on Nastia but I can tell you now if she was going through this I wouldn’t be calling her a publicity whore for sharing it with the world.

    It kills me to have to defend Shannon Miller’s save the Universe attitude (and let me tell you people like her and Oprah drive me batty) but you just don’t say things like he did when someone is going through something like this. It’s tacky.

    • Sarah! Says:

      Your most important point here and other places is: if Nasty was going through the same thing, you would ease up on her. That’s because even though you say what you feel and don’t worry about what others think, you are STILL a human being. I privatized all my stories making fun of Shannon until this thing is over with.


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