Chellsie Memmel comes clean

IG2 Magazine has an interview up with Chellsie Memmel. The interview is pretty gym article news worthy which means it isn’t newsworthy at all but Chellsie makes a sort of confession in it that I personally have been waiting for her to say.

You know what happened at the last Olympics. She got hurt and could only compete the uneven bars but from all accounts we heard at the time Chellsie played the good soldier. She played the part of happy cheerleader that Marta loves so much in her gymnasts. Problem was we all know that isn’t how she really felt.

No earth shattering news here but it was nice to see Chellsie be honest in this interview.

What is motivating you right now?

Mainly just wanting to be here and wanting to do it and seeing if I will be capable of being a top-level gymnast again, and also not having the total Olympic experience that I wanted. That’s definitely a motivator.

If you work your whole life for one goal and you don’t make the goal that sucks. If you work your whole life for one goal and you reach it only to have it ripped out of your hands with the force of a hurricane then that could scar you for life. Not if you are Chellsie Memmel.

We just don’t know if Marta will take the risk of adding an always injured at the worst moment Chellsie Memmel to a 5 member Olympic team but we can only hope Chellsie is given the opportunity.


Chellsie’s dad put some videos of her up on his facebook account the last few days. Doing some double layouts and double fronts piked She looked pretty good.



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