Jeselo Team named

I always give credit to the place where I got the info but last time I did that I got bitched at by the inmates for using the info and giving them credit. So should I say where I got it this time or be a bitch and just name the team:)

You can figure out which place loves to read here but bitch they hate and figure it out for yourself. I will give you a hint.


Here is the team named. Once again the juniors are so much better then the seniors. Elizabeth Price is a Parkette. Have not seen one of them listed anywhere in a long time. She stood out at Nationals. Had amazing tumbling.

Amanda Jetter made the senior team. I guess Mary Lee Tracy wasn’t on the shit list it was just Cassie Whitcomb. Frankly Amanda should have been the alternate for the World team last year over Chelsea ‘should be in College gymnastics already only made the team because she was coached by Kim Zmeskal “Davis. All the flack the US got for putting Antolin on the 99 team due to her alleged weight issues would have been ten fold if Davis got to compete at worlds. Her routines are grotesque.

Wofford is allegedly not on the team now. Interesting she was named originally. Now Gabrielle Douglas is named to the team.

I guess GGMB I mean the inmates can’t make up their minds.

Jesolo Team – USA:

Jr. Price,Priessman,Fassbender,Ohashi,Kocian,Ross and Finnegan
Sr. Raisman,Wieber,Caquatto,Jetter,Maroney,Vega and Wofford



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