Is the Gymnastics community supporting Shannon Miller?

Whenever someone goes through something as big as chemotherapy in any other sport the entire community of that sport supports the person having the issue. It just doesn’t seem to be what is happening in the public eye when it comes to Shannon Miller.

Sarah posted something on her site about looking for words of encouragement from Shannon’s Mag 7 teammates on their facebooks or websites and she came up with NOTHING.

Jaycie Phelps is too busy telling the world what a great ambassador Nastia Liukin is to the world on her facebook. I guess she doesn’t know about Nastia’s past transgressions of bad mouthing and ridiculing any real competition she had for the AA title in Beijing. Maybe we should introduce her to Chellsie Memmel or Shawn Johnson?

Dominique Moceanu is too busy posting creepy pictures of herself in a car looking like she wants to have sex with the photographer while her husband looks on.

(Stop judging me for these comments people you send me the information. I am not friends with either of these people on face

Like Sarah said we don’t know what is going on in private but the lack of support from her so called friends publicly is kind of sad.

I will give two props to Henrietta Onodi who at least posted a message on her website. Nice to see someone cares.


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6 Responses to “Is the Gymnastics community supporting Shannon Miller?”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    What is Henrietta’s website? I can’t find one. Can you put a link here? I will make a big deal out of her on my website, showing how it takes a damn Hungarian to rally some support for the best gymnast America ever had and sure as hell ever will have.

    (No shit on Moceanu. Her and Shawn need to have an IQ contest – with a fucking Lady Gaga song playing in the background.)



  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Lady No Henrietta commented on that link I put. I don’t think she has a website.

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    4th name down

    • Sarah! Says:

      Got it – thanks. Pretty sad that Henrietta is the only “name” that has come out to support Shannon. But Henrietta always seemed like a very nice person and not totally wrapped up in herself, unlike six other gymnasts who I’ll leave nameless.


  4. Still nothing out of the Mag 6 on Shannon’s health crisis « Elite Gymnastics Stars Says:

    […] is the miserable lack of support Shannon is receiving from her Magnificent 7 teammates.  As GymTruthTeller so aptly put it, “Jaycie Phelps is too busy telling the world what a great ambassador Nastia Liukin is to the […]

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