American Cup thoughts live

Yay the Mag 7. Dawes too good to make it. Biatch Kerri at the end cuz no one likes Ugly dress Moceanu. Amy looks like a guy. All those outfits are horrible.

Aliya is complaining about Jordyn competing and she has a point. Stupid to allow a gymnast after you set up rules.

Aly did not do the Amanar. Really coach B? I will never forget her not going all out at worlds. It was a bad decision and it will be a bad decision here.

Aliya’s vault is ugly in slow motion. Jordyn had a messy pre flight and was slightly short but Mustafina’s was just ugly and short. Did I blink while Ariella vaulted? Q’s vault was also sloppy.

Aly did a decent UB routine for her. Leg separations.

Looks like Lopez blew her bars.

Off to NBC…… I forgot spring training is on at 1 too. This might be a short blog.

Jordyn fell off bars. It was going well. Look it is better she fall now then in 2 years. Learn from it kid.

OMG Aliya has that look on her face when she wins. It is not because of the Mag 7 or Jordyn. Really NBC? Really?

Mitchell is sloppy on bars and she falls.

Mustafina NAILED bars. She hit that handstand perfectly.Wow. I am sure she had her form breaks as usual but I didn’t notice honestly. I just don’t bother anymore. Judges don’t care why should I?

Q has already gone on bars and NBC hacked it? WTF?

Whelan fell off bars.

Sloppy vault by Horton. Saw the replay. Missed the actual was watching the man formally known as savior. Good thing I missed the beginning of this game since dice is up to his old tricks in the first. He got a 16 for that crap?

Jordyn nailed beam. Not even a wobble. WOW great job.

Q is up and off. Off again. Two falls on beam.

So much for baseball. I’ll stick with the AC for now.

Lauren was not shown on beam? This is getting stupid NBC.

Mustafina had her usual beam so far. A bit messy. Sloppy triple twist, over time. That score was ridiculous for all the issues it had.

We could be showing Q ‘s bars or Mitchell’s beam but no we have to talk to fucking Nastia Liukin? Do they know any other retired gymnasts?

Ariella on beam. A few bobbles. She isn’t blond anymore. Good for her.

Nice beam from Aly. One semi big bobble and a slight bobble on her turn. Arabian double looked off but she stayed up. 14.933 is a little high but not compared to the gift Mustafina got.

Someone get Nastia a hair dresser. That is gross.

Zamo is a What would she know about technique and form????

Lopez stayed on beam? wow. Nice dismount. I think that routine was beautiful for her. She should have scored higher then that.

The world champion on floor. Sloppy double front. Nice full in (a little off to the side) The Mitchell triple on floor. Pretty leotard. Double pike out of bounds. She has too much power for that at the end of her routine. 13.933

Mustafina only needs a 6.4 something to pass 7.8 something to pass Lauren Mitchell.

Someone give Lopez a cookie. She is gross skinny. Un-healthy. Nice routine for her. Sloppy landings but….

WOW Aly nailed floor. Awesome job. Did the double front piked. Nailed it. Didn’t pay attention to the dance but the rest was nailed.

Mustafina crossed leg 3.5 but impressive none the less. Hands down but lots of credit for going for it. Will the scam cup live????

Zamo looks awesome.

Even if Jordyn hits I think a fall on bars is worse then floor but we will see what the judges do with this.

Judges nailed her. This is so set up for Jordyn. We will see. Out of bounds should end this for Mustafina. Nice floor routine from Jordyn but high 14 is really way to high a score for this routine with the OFB.

SHUT UP NBC. Champions go for it and that is what Mustafina is.

A 14.900 for Wieber with the OOB. I guess the scam cup doesn’t want foreign athletes to compete at the American Cup.

Jordyn is cleaner then Mustafina but she isn’t exactly always clean.

We will see how the world reacts.



Name Vault Bars Beam Floor Total
1 Jordyn Wieber 15.833 13.900 15.266 14.900 59.899
2 Aliya Mustafina 15.566 15.766 14.833 13.666 59.831
3 Alexandra Raisman 14.866 13.900 14.933 14.866 58.565
4 Qiushuang Huang 14.733 15.133 12.833 14.533 57.232
5 Ariella Kaeslin 14.800 13.666 13.966 13.666 56.098
6 Lauren Mitchell 13.800 12.866 14.333 13.933 54.932
7 Jessica Lopez 12.566 12.500 14.733 14.233 54.032
8 Hannah Whelan 13.633 12.666 13.233 13.000 52.532


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12 Responses to “American Cup thoughts live”

  1. Julia Says:

    I can’t even with that floor execution score of Wieber’s. The Russians are probably all fixing to send those judges a nice horse’s head to wake up to.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    LMAO Julia. I can see that happening.

    I am torn here. I didn’t pay close enough attention to nit pick both routines but it seems more likely a fall from floor should have trumped a fall off bars.

    Aliya putting her hands down is less of a mistake then what happened to Jordyn.

  3. Julia Says:

    I don’t know. I mean, I’m no expert in the COP but I know an inflated score when I see it, and that’s exactly what that 9.0 was. But then Aliya’s beam score was a bit high…but then Jordyn’s bars score was a bit high.

    I do think that overall Aliya is just a much more engaging and exciting gymnast to watch than Jordyn who just is Blah City to me, and honestly, given the history of the American Cup, I have no trouble believing that Jordyn was given the edge due to her nationality.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    I agree that Jordyn got the good old US bump. I do find it funny that Aly scored better on bars at worlds last year then at the American Cup.

    I wish JYY had competed because if she had hit she would have owned this competition.

  5. exgymgurll Says:

    such bs…. seriously a fall and an oob versus a hand down??? I doubt if the russians will show up BTW I agree about Nastia’s hair…not stylish, not anything worse than jessica simpsons fake pony tail extensions, and worse than cassidy McComb at her poofiest…really and everyone turns away from Moceanu and did I hear a comment about her boobs??? LMFAO the only thing that hideous s___taceous dress did was hide the baby weight… hit the treadmill dom you aren’t preggos or are you???

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    I love your comments exgymgurl. One of these days we are going to disagree but I don’t know when.

    I have naturally wavy hair which is why I probably don’t get why people like Nastia want that ugly poof on the top of their head. Her hair looked like she didn’t even comb it today at all.

    Non of the Mag 7 including Dawes have any style. Strug and Chow are the worst and Jayce looks like she belongs at the Indy 500 even when she dresses up.

    Shannon at least dresses like a professional 30 something year old. Which she is but Jaycie, Amy and Kerri I just don’t know what they are thinking when they get up in the morning.

  7. exgymgurll Says:

    Im so irritated about the scoring. I dont think the mag 7 really care anymore about these BS recognitions. Dom tweeted that NBC was there to shoot some preolympic boring piece on them ***yawn***…. and Nastia dye your hair red or something fierce like the russians do… put on the bitch face like Khorkina does. I wish Khorkina had been there, that would have been the most entertaining part just seeing her ferocity and listening to her talk about how pissed the russians were about Mustafina getting slighted would have made the last hour worthwhile……. I wonder if Evan finds that tucked inside out messy pony tail hair extension thing attractive? Her hair had a life of its own….but it made me feel good, my hair looks better today than hers does 🙂 and her makeup lately has gone well…Nastia… get Alicia’s mom to do your hair, she owns a salon or did. Alicia’s hair usually looks good….

  8. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    USA beat the commies! YEAH!

  9. DoubleLayout Says:

    And over on the good old IG forum Kitty tried shove her “judging wisdom” down everyone’s throats and got shut down. Hah. Then she went on to attack people who did the shutting down on her formspring but notice how she can’t come up with a real response back. Hah * happy dance*

  10. DoubleLayout Says:

  11. gymtruthteller Says:

    Kitty has calmed down over the last year or so but I do love when she gets shut up double layout. I missed it happening. Which thread is it?

  12. DoubleLayout Says:

    Starts about here.
    Had it coming..

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