God help the USA


I am pretty sure I wrote this blog last year. Only difference is this year Alissa won Nationals and now I am beside myself.

I watched the LP’s tonight without sound. That was kind of fun.

I listened to Janet Jackson’s Again for Alissa. Whitney Houston’s I have nothing for Mirai and Taylors Swifts That’s the way I love you for Rachael Flatt. Then I thought how appropriate for Alissa and Mirai. They lived up to their songs. Mirai leaves Nationals with no World Championships and Alissa won back her title, Again. Rachael’s song didn’t live up to her though. That LP wasn’t fun without music.

Okay so Alissa is our hope for 3 spots next year. She also just hit two competitions in a row. Anyone remember when that happened last? I am thinking 5 years ago. She then tanked the Olympic trials/Nationals.

Mirai must have had some huge downgrades with that LP. My guess is she missed something and lost points for something. Damn new code.

The good news about this years National Championships? No Emily Hughes. That in itself gives Nationals a passing grade for me.


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2 Responses to “God help the USA”

  1. Say WHAT? Says:

    The US women are stank this post-Oly season. Let’s hope Alissa doesn’t implode at Worlds. I am happy for her, but I am not confident that she and Flatt can secure TWO spots for next year’s Worlds, let alone three.

    The men are much better and much more interesting. But Bradley is another wild card.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I hope they send Abbott to worlds. He may be a head case but like Alissa if he hits it will help. I am not an Alissa fan. I HATE Head cases like her and Atler but at least Alissa has some quality to some of skating. I always found Atler crap.

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