Women’s SP opinion

Alissa Czisny :

Alissa’s SP was clean but I have never seen her that slow before. The music doesn’t help. LOVE the dress. I actually felt bad for her when she said that the fans, judges etc… have their own opinion. Guess she hears us when we called her a head case. The truth hurts. Honestly I don’t see the polish in her skating everyone else does. ( not to the level people praise her for) When you lower your expectations and are better then your competition in some aspects it makes you look better then you are. I call this the Nastia effect. Her form is horrible but compared to some of her competition it makes her look better then she is. Alissa has some pretty spins but that is it for me.

Christina Gao:

She is so tall and slender. Eat a cookie kid. Black dress is ugly. Triple flip looked pretty. Triple toe good. She does get nice height on her jumps (stop saying what I am thinking commentators) Hate the music. Messed up double axel. Unimpressive footwork. Now this is the skating I know and loathe.:) She’s a kid I’ll give her a break. Not bad except the axel. Thought her lutz was close enough to get credit.

Agnes Zawadzki:

Horrid dress. Nice triple triple, Triple lutz a bit wonky but looked clean, God she reminds me of Terror Lipinski. Not a positive. No she reminds me of trashy Nicole Bobek even more. Dress is still ugly but I like the color. Spins are slow. Her choreography was yucky. Scott calling this spectacular? I don’t see it. Overall she was clean but I wasn’t impressed.I will give her credit for her triples. They look rotated. I’ll give the judges credit to they don’t seem to be wanting Alissa and her head case on this team.

Mirai Nagasu:

Don’t like the dress., Ugly colors. Pretty design but I don’t like the fabric. Triple lutz (edge) double toe. Nice triple Flip. Pretty music. She is kind of slow tonight. Slow, really slow spin. Decent double axel. Overall clean but not feeling any connection to the music in her at all. Honestly I thought Alissa was better.

Ashley Wagner:

I like the music. Flubbed triple flip. I like the dress even though black looks horrible on ice. Double footed triple lutz. Missed her second jump for combination. Everyone seems slow tonight so far. Decent spin travel wise. Only a little movement. Shaky double axel. The hair looks horrible. Never a big fan of Ashley Lipinksi.

Rachael Flatt:

Oh Rachael that dress is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. You look like a banana. A bright banana. The dress is flattering on her style wise but she left the hairdresser at home. LOVE EOE but I don’t think Rachael can pull off a Kwan. I have decided the dress is actually pretty it’s the color that sucks. Yes a Kwan mention. LOVE this music. Triple double. It looked clean. Triple looked nice. She got good height. Lutz looked clean. Slow spins, traveled. Nice double axel. I liked the footwork. A lot of head moving but that was well done. F*** the haters. I liked it. It wasn’t Kwan but no one will ever be Kwan. She looks like she lost some weight. Her shoulders up look slimmer. Sorry but I think that should have been second behind Alissa. Mirai was over scored.

Would have been nice to see Caroline, Alexe and Vanessa.


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