Skating is alive


I have totally lost interest in Skating over the years. After Michelle went away it just ended for me. I guess I was more of a Kwan fan then a skating fan all this time. Well someone posted on my facebook wall that Sarah Meier won the European Championships for the ladies I went to watch it and actually found some joy I haven’t seen in years.

For those who don’t know Sarah decided that Europeans would be her last competition and she decided to make it her best one too. She was short on a few jumps but she nailed the landings and won the LP to take over first place and put Karolina Kostner in her dust.

Honestly I haven’t been this happy for a win since Shen and Zhao won the Olympics. Sarah is one of the nice people in the sport. She is genuine and a class act and she got to go out on top. Can you ask for anything else?

Then I watched Caitlin Yankowskas and
John Coughlin’s SP and found myself enjoying that. There side by side spins were beautiful. God I even found myself enjoying the beginning of Amanda Evora and
Mark Ladwig’s LP a few minutes ago and I can’t stand their skating.

Maybe I am just in a good mood. tomorrow I’ll be back to normal:)


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