Georgia vs Auburn

Thanks to my new cable I now have the College channels for ESPN and currently the Georgia vs Auburn meet is on.

So far half way through the meet the only routine I can truly recall is Kat Dings’s bar routine where her legs stayed together through the entire routine. Now I only watched it once so I might have missed some form issues but how sad is it that I can only remember one routine from half a meet?

Hilary Mauro is now on beam. She nailed her routine. I must admit I have a soft spot for Hilary Mauro like I have for Lauren Mitchell. It’s hard to be critical of the real genuine nice people in the sport. Not that I couldn’t be but I am trying to be nice here.

One girl for Auburn just had the music from Halloween (or Friday the 13th I forget) as part of her floor music. Classic.

The commentators are Bart, Kathy and Suzanne Yoculan. Suzanne is AWESOME. She just ripped Christa Tanella a good one. It was hilarious to listen to. I actually thought she was kind of critical to a nit picky point.

3 falls for Georgia so far and I must of admit it is kind of fun to see Noel Couch actually compete. Not praising her gymnastics (God no) but she looks very happy out there.

Bart Connor thinks he is Scott Hamilton. A lot less annoying but just as loud.

Thanks to my HD television everyone looks in awesome shape. I think they might have filmed this with film instead of video tape. Movies do this and that is why everyone usually looks so tall, slender and skinny.

Rachel Inniss is a bitch. I LOVE it. The interview at the beginning was classic. (She said if you don’t want to hear the truth then don’t ask me with the bitchiest look on her

She looks like pure power why did she start with a double back? Apparently she did some kind of move in her floor routine because the Heisman cheater winner I mean Heisman trophy winner came from Auburn. Oh that’s right it was his father. I forgot (rolling eyes)

Lindsey Cheek, Beautiful double pike. The b52’s as music? She is having a great meet. 4 solid routines. Not bad for a walk on.

The camera work sucks at this meet. Way to up close to the routines.

8 tenth lead when you had 3 falls. This meet must be in Georgia.

Whoever did the hair for both these teams needs to be fired. There is a lot of red highlights in College gym these days.

Huge full in for Noel. Form was wishy washy but her height was great. Dance not so much. She nailed all her landings which was impressive. She has these bent knee’s after she lands her tumbling that are very annoying.

Mariel Box? She does exist. I always thought she was a myth. Double tuck with the same bent knee’s after she landed. Weird. I know this music from somewhere. To late to apologize???

Allyson Sandusky on beam: Front walk over, back handspring layout, full turn. leap combination, I blinked, one and a half twist landing. A couple of bobbles.

Cassidy McComb. LOVE the name. A double pike, Hernando’s hideaway music. Everyone doing her dance in the background. Shayla Worley was practically on the floor making this routine a duet. I love this music. Double back dismount. 9.95 was overkill.

Hey Courtney McCool in the background giving hugs.

Rachel Inniss on beam : I day dreamed through this routine. I don’t get why she is the team leader.

Georgia wins. Suzanne interviews Gymdogs coach. He looks nice in his suit. Praises his kids. The end:)



3 Responses to “Georgia vs Auburn”

  1. Anna Says:

    Lindsay’s not a walk-on–full scholarship, joined the team in December.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thanks Anna. I listened to the commentators today and I could have sworn they said that. Multi tasking isn’t my

  3. Robin Says:

    Do you know the title of Noel Couch’s floor music?

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