Memmel IS training

Chellsie Memmel is training for Elite.

Daddy Dearests latest tweet.

Andy Memmel
The old girl did her first bar on bar in a long long time and of course it was like old times 7.0 is on the way!



10 Responses to “Memmel IS training”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    we figured this already though right??? How much do you want to bet Nastia’s ski trippppp in a week or two she’ll decide its a no go??? She doesn’t have time with all of her other commitments

  2. FYSS Says:

    i’m a little surprised because she’s been verrrry quiet lately, but she’s smart. the US desperately needs bar workers and i’m thinking more and more than nastia is a big fat not happening.

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    I hope you are both right about Nastia but I think she will continue especially if she knows Chellsie is training. She isn’t going to want anyone else to get her spotlight.

    I know we figured she was training but this was pretty much confirmation.

    Chellsie has her issues as a gymnast but of anyone I can think of that deserves a chance to win something is Chellsie.

  4. dd Says:

    Memmel has no chance if Marta is the person choosing the team.

  5. exgymgurll Says:

    Nastia’s spotlight is now in and on her other ventures… like her clothing line, her gymnasitcs would just detract from her international celebrity her facebook fans and her twitter time… she has to “grow” her image and start opening clubs for belvedere and ciroc ultra liquors…pose for well Maxim… and do all kinds of other 21 + things so that we accept her “career choices” and that she’s “grown beyond competing” and feels she has “nothing left to accomplish” so we can all embrace the”next phase” and that she’s “ready to replace Andrea and Elfie”… see I’ve just directed Nastia’s career path (she should pay me for this) and Marta /Zmeskal or whomever… the US needs Bars this quad a healthy Chellsie Memmel scores well internationally they may not have a choice..esp if she outscores Macko on Bars / Beam which well ‘nuf said…cause really Carly Patterson has such an amazing singing career we should expect such contiuned greatness from Nastia WOGA tradition…LOL wonder what hidden AMAZING talent Rebecca Bross has in store for us post 2012?? Can’t hardly Wait 🙂

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    exgymgurl I almost just spit out my tea reading your Hilarious. Nastia should pay

    I agree with dd. I don’t see Marta taking Chellsie after her last injury and I hink she will leave Alicia at home if she has a choice. Sadly that leaves even more room for Nastia.

  7. exgymgurll Says:

    Hey that’s good PR I’m sure her PR person reads your blog and I’ll bet you anything the PR person steals some of that from me….that’s fine the Nastia loyalists will eat it up…I’ll also bet she’s on the cover of Maxim and not Sports Illustrated in the next year…..I don’t see the drive in her or the hunger in her to do anything more in gymnastics I didn’t see it in Shawn either until a few months ago but the competition look the fierceness in her eyes is gone now. All Nastia focuses on is her other stuff. I just think she’s done her passion is elsewhere…a healthy He Xexin (or however its spelled sorry) and she has no chance at gold on bars so why do it?? It will all come down to in Chellsie is consistent and healthy Marta isn’t the only one on the committe and she may not have a choice…if Chellsie ends up like JaB or MaLa then sure she doesnt go…I still say Jana should have defected to Germany In 2004 by 2008 she would have been an eligible german Olympian

  8. gymtruthteller Says:

    Her PR people would hate this

    Hey maybe Bob was her agent. Did I ever tell you I did some re-search on Bob’s Ip and learned his account originated in Plano Texas. No who lives in Plano Texas,lol

    If someone from Nastia’s camp does read here notice they didn’t deny she didn’t invite Sam Peszek to that party. What Bob said was I am not saying you are wrong but…..

    Just when I decided to start being a nice little blogger I have a reason to say something, sad:( (wink)

  9. exgymgurll Says:

    Hahahaha that little tidbit just MADE my night…still think her PR people probably read this, if they are WORTH their salt they read EVERYTHING, and it makes sense you are about the only person that calls Nastia out on any little imperfection…I BET shes stopped training, if she was training and serious she’d at least be doing something @the WOGA Classic if for no other reason than to eclipse Ivana’s coming out party

  10. gymtruthteller Says:

    I found it interesting. The IP’s cable is based in San Antonio but it originated from Plano Texas. I wish I kept a link to the IP look up so I could do more.

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