Day late. Dollar short


Hours and sometimes days after everyone else I find out the news and report it here so lets start with the one I saw coming a mile away.

Cassie Whitcomb has retired from elite in order to train for UCLA next year.It is probably the right decision. Marta always over looked her for world teams even the year she won floor and placed second on bars at camp. It’s a shame she never got the chance to show her stuff at a World Championships so she would be able to prove any worth she might have had to an Olympic team. Fact is you never know who the judges are going like. There are countless gymnasts the US has ignored and the world stage has embraced and Cassie certainly earned her place on multiple world teams but she was never chosen because she wasn’t coached by Kim Zmeskal. What a shame. What a waste.


Sam Peszek is injured Yep saw that coming. I am taking bets on how long it takes Shayla Worley to join her on that list.


Kytra Hunter is not smart enough to get into Florida and will not join the team this year. Aunt Joyce has been telling us this for weeks. I know a few years ago Ashley Postell wanted to go to UCLA but her home school credits weren’t enough to get her in. Look I am a firm believer in getting an education but some people are just not meant to get into College. That being said if Kytra played basketball they would have someone take her tests for her (Rumor about Patrick Ewing) or they would let her in anyway like they did for OJ Mayo. Double standard.


People Choice award thoughts,

Why the hell is Kristen Stewart a star? Don’t get it.

Zac Efron is adorable. His break up with Vanessa was a shock to me. I have not seen a single thing either of these two have done as actors but I loved them as a couple. Just two twenty somethings in love, never in the tabloids just having a normal relationship.

I LOVE Selena Gomez. If she was blond she would be a huge star right now.

Yay Jane Lynch and Cuddy from House both won awards. This show doesn’t suck as bad as I thought. Never get the people vote. Johnny Depp? umm take a shower then maybe. Adam Sandler is retarded not funny.

Movie previews in the middle of an award show? stupid.

Where is my free smart phone?

Is everyone in the first 20 rows of this award show a freaking model? Not ONE single normal looking person in the bunch.

Queen Latifah SUCKS as a host.

I was just thinking, Where is my free gifts and low and behold the Queen offers me coupons. Thank you so much.

Dear Minka Kelly. You can do SO much better then Derek Jeter. Here is some advice if a guy doesn’t want to marry you after these many years he isn’t going to marry you. Dump him. MY GOD he couldn’t even come to an award show with you? Is he embarrassed to be seen with you?

Who the HELL voted the Kardashian’s as best anything? I get best home sex video or best married to an NBA star but this award show just got lame again.

OMG Die Kid Rock. You are NOT

Katy Perry is another career I don’t get.

Queen Latifah still stupid.

Kristen Stewert STOP biting your nails. The shy bit is old.

Michael Chiklis. We are SO doing it this year. Less then a month until pitchers and catchers:)

and Katy Perry wins. LMAO I called it when I said I don’t get it.

Vanessa Williams is never going to get ugly. Still beautiful even after all these years.

Last award and another star I don’t get. Natalie Portman can’t act. Oscar here she comes.

Pretty dress Queen. (green) Most of her dresses have been pretty so far even if not flattering.

Need a hair cut Ashton.

If Adam Sandler wins this award these are my last comments. Night:)

Red Eyes for Dakota Fanning. Freaky.

Twilight wins. Haven’t seen it. Okay so I saw the first hour of the 1st one on cable.

Taylor is cute and the other guys accent is so hot.

Time to promote the movie.

Just realized Taylor and Taylor are in the same theatre. Kristen shows some personality for 2 seconds then goes shy again (boring)

Let the accent keep talking.

Commercial time. Night all


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