Secret Facebooks


My friend Riley is a big celebrity facebook ” follower”. She often jokes she should start posting at IG forum under the name NastiaFan1million7 and see how many times she can update the world what Nastia has said on her latest twitter so when she told me about her latest find I had to tell you guys about it.

Every Elite gymnast has a facebook these days. Some of pretty private like Eilse Ray but the one name missing has always been Jamie Dantzscher. That is until now. Apparently Riley has discovered that Jamie has pulled a Shawn Johnson and changed her name so that no one can find her and bother her.

I get wanting to be private but changing your name? Seems a little bit extreme to me. What is going on in your life that is so impressive or important that you feel the need to keep your entire fan base in the dark about what you are up to these days?

Jamie deserves her private life so I won’t send a link to her facebook. If she chooses to live as a hermit because she is too good to be involved in her fans lives then betcha by golly Jamie can stay stuck up and private but it all seems a we bit much for me.

Then again I am writing a blog about the subject so maybe Jamie’s idea makes sense.

Shawn Johnson used a shortened version of her name so she wouldn’t be bothered. Nastia Liukin has a special thing because she is a “celebrity” where no one is allowed to “friend” her at all (way to appreciate those fans girls) but there gymnastics careers are front and center I get the privacy thing. Jamie girl. Lighten up.


In non related news and a total shock NOT to anyone that follows skating Evan Lysacek will not be competing at Nationals.


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3 Responses to “Secret Facebooks”

  1. dd Says:

    Jamie has always been a total bitch. She is known for that. I just read some blog bitching about your sarcasm which is totally funny.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    What are you gonna do dd. New people especially don’t get

  3. James Says:

    You should take into consideration that gymnasts like Jamie are not really celebrities. In the mid 90s-2000? Yes, to a certain extent. Afterwards? Not at all. Not surprising that Jamie, Vanessa, etc. do not have a huge social media presence. They’re all just average women in their mid 30s now who happened to have their moment in the sun as teens.

    IMO only gymnasts that are legitimate celebrities are those like Mary Lou, Nastia, and Dominique Moceanu.

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