Thoughts and wishes. Part 2

and the award goes to?????

The who would have ever thought it awards goes to…
Macko Caquatto. For not falling once at worlds. Who would have thunk it???

The I saw it coming a mile away award goes to… Mattie Larson for screwing the US out of a team gold medal. Come on we all knew it would happen. The girl is a head case in a leotard. Don’t feel bad Mattie. Oh wait you don’t.

The thank you He Kexin for being human award goes to??? Beth Tweddle for taking advantage and hitting her routine to take back the World title

The gift from the judges award goes to???? Alicia Sacramone for winning your first vault world title. Okay I don’t like the rules allowing messy difficult vaults like Nabieva’s and to a lesser extent Mustafina’s 2.5’s to win medals is wacky but the rules are the rules. Even when the rules suck.

The bad luck award goes to??? Chelsea Davis for “earning” her way on to the world team only to get injured before the competition. Maybe it’s the name?

The Thank your lucky stars award goes to
Bridget Sloan If it wasn’t for Chelsea getting injured you never would have been able to prove yourself the valuable team member you are. You hit when it counted and Marta is going to have to remember that for future world teams.

The first time ever award goes to???? Lauren Mitchell for winning Australia’s first ever Gold medal at a world championships. An argument can be made for bronze but I’ll leave that up to the judges.

The tough as nails award goes to??? Rebecca Bross for competing injured. All gymnasts compete injured but this year Rebecca gets the award.

The Life sucks award goes to??? Oksana Oksana Chusovitina for not getting a shot at winning another vault medal. She was injured on her first vault and never got a chance to make a second one.

The born to early award goes to???? Viktoria Komova If it wasn’t for another stupid rule in gymnastics you could have been the AA, Beam and floor Gold medalist at the World Championships. Instead you had to settle for the Youth Olympic Games AA Champion.


The made my year award goes to??? Jiang Yuyuan. for winning the silver medal in the AA at worlds and finally living up to your potential. You should have received this award in 2008 but the judges were too busy over scoring the US AA’s to give you a chance.

The Shannon Miller and Lilia Podkopayeva award goes to???? Aliya Mustafina for making all four event finals at worlds for the first time since 1995 when Shannon and Lilia did it. (Svetlana Khorkina competed all 4 event finals in 1997 but she was put in two events over other gymnasts)

The FUCK YOU Marta award goes to??? Kyla Ross for hitting all 8 routines at the US Junior National Championships and winning her second AA title despite the fact Marta was hell bent on giving the title to Kaitlyn Ohashi even when she fell 3 times.

The FUCK YOU snobby fans award goes to??? Aly Raisman for her performance at Worlds. She was steady and consistent for the team when they needed her most. She wasn’t perfect but she did her job.


2 Responses to “Thoughts and wishes. Part 2”

  1. dd Says:

    I am so happy that JYY would have beaten Bross even if she had no fallen. Puts my faith back in the sport. I agree with your sentiments on Kyla Ross too. What was going on at Nationals was wrong on so many levels.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    That says the sport is improving at least a little dd.

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