My thoughts on 2010 and wishes for 2011

Part one……..


Romania- Thoughts:

Maybe its the lack of coverage in the US. Maybe its my tendency to get bored with the sport of gymnastics to the point when watching a routine I some times daze out and forget I was in the middle of watching a video at all but do all the Romanian women gymnasts blend together for you like they do for me? I honestly do not know one from the other except for Ana Porgras.

Now I know I have watched some Romanian routines this year. I remember Chelaru’s overscored floor routine that won a medal at worlds but I couldn’t pick her out of a line up if she was the only person in it.

I have watched some of their juniors and was even impressed with one of them. I then forgot her name So my…

Wishes for Romania are as followed. A Real vault for Ana Porgras so she can stand a chance at winning an AA medal. Her bars, beam and floor are great. It makes no sense for her to be doing a full twisting yurchenko in 2010. My other wish is for the Romanians to find some way to help me remember gymnast :A from gymnast :ZBZ. Gina, Milo, Bontas and company might have been alike but they had some individual qualities that made them stand out from each other. Your current group not so much. Oh and an UB coach might be a good idea:)



Russia- Thoughts:

You had a great year. One of your best years in a very long time. You won your first team world Gold medal ever thanks to Aliya Mustafina. You had some of the most difficult routines of all time. Your gymnasts have personality (maybe even a little too much sometimes) and un like Romania I can tell your gymnasts a part even your lesser known ones like Anna Dementyeva or Yekaterina Kurbatova (even though I did have to look up how to spell their names) but my

wishes for you are as followed, A: I want you to keep Viktoria Komova in one piece. She doesn’t need to compete 10 times a year. She needs to stay healthy because in 2012 she is the only one I want to see on the top of the Olympic podium. She also needs to improve her form. My other wish is for you to take Aliya and Tatiana and teach them the word technique. Those Amanar’s are atrocious. As much as I LOVE Tatiana’s unique personality and skill set her form is a travesty. Your the Soviet union for Christ’s sake. Act like it.



China- Thoughts:

I still love you. Of all the Countries out there your team is still the only team that makes me smile. Sure your starting to forget that choreography matters but if I am going to watch anyone do trick after trick after trick I would rather be watching you over anyone else.

My thoughts on your 2010 is of happiness and disappointment all in one. Jiang Yuayuan getting her act together and winning the AA silver medal at Worlds was the highlight of 2010 for me. Watching her improve beam her worst event would bring me to tears if I actually cried over a sport that isn’t baseball. That being said your team bronze medal was a disappointment. You were capable of so much more. Your team imploded at the most inopportune moment and you allowed the US an opportunity to win the team gold medal and that would have been disheartening to every gym fan not from the US. Not because they wouldn’t have earned it but that they would have earned it by default, the worst way. Mackenzie and Mattie as world champions would have boggled the mind. So my

Wish for you China is to get more consistent. That is it. Oh and please re-consider having Huang Qiushuang on your team next year. Her bars are overrated and frankly, she scares me.


U.S.A- Thoughts:

If you had told me 3 months ago that the US would take Aly Raisman, Mackenzie Caquatto, Mattie Larson and an injured Rebecca Bross to worlds and come with in a front layout of a Gold medal in the team competition I would have sent you a straight jacket. Yet that is what happened. Macko never fell. Alicia stayed on beam and Becca only fell once the entire competition and the US nearly took advantage of Russia and China’s inconsistency to win the team competition. This would have been a huge WTF moment in gymnastics history if they had actually pulled it off. So my

wish for you is as followed. Find someone. ANYONE that isn’t Nastia Liukin to be your UB specialist. There has to be some hidden gem you have in your closet to save me from another year of Nastia freaking Liukin.


Tomorrow will be award season


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6 Responses to “My thoughts on 2010 and wishes for 2011”

  1. FYSS Says:


  2. exgymgurll Says:

    I am so proud of you for not commenting on Nastia’s ski vacation that I’m sure is contributing to her 2012 comeback…if shes serious she and Chellsie both need to get their behinds to camp and show something like Shawn is, I’m not Shawn’s biggest fan…but at least she’s showing she’s serious were only about 18 months out from selection….

  3. Andrew Spencer Says:

    Romanian’s gym team are very good. Good luck in 2011

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    exgymgurl you have NO clue how much I wanted to write another blog but time got in the

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    andrew I hope Belu fixes their UB because they will be great if he does.

  6. christina Says:

    just out of curiosity, was the romanian junior who had impressed you Iordache or an other girl whose name still remains a mystery?

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