Sasha Artemevs comback attempt.

I knew about Sasha’s car accident (not to the extent of just how bad the injury was)and pretty much thought that was common knowledge. Guess it wasn’t. As much as Sasha would like to believe that was a secret you can’t keep something like that quiet for long.

Sasha was always a gymnast I couldn’t stand. He was a choker and his lack of consistency used to drive me insane as a gymnastics fan because the kid has such amazing potential. I was a true believer in the US winning a bronze medal without Paul “attention hog” Hamm so when they won it didn’t surprise me but Sasha actually hitting that routine shocked my mind. That is when my opinion on him as a gymnast changed. Lets just say he won me over.

I hope Sasha gets healthy and stays the gymnast he became that night two years ago.



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