Fighting at IG

The regular trolls are calling other people trolls which in itself is kind of f****** hilarious but seriously why can’t we all just get along?


Heather the biggest troll of all time has some how become part of the group of gang members that have trolled the board for years. Makes you wonder.

4 Responses to “Fighting at IG”

  1. Nunno Fan Says:

    I was one of those who hated Heather in the beginning. But once I got to know him, I totally started to love him. He regulates the board, and out-trolls the trolls. Thereby making the board a better place.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Nunno fan (

    Thanks for your opinion. It is an interesting take. IMO others have been banned for less then he has done and anyone else that has had 50 names and been banned 50 times would have been gone a long time ago. That just isn’t fair to the poor people in the past that have been banned for no reason.

  3. dd Says:

    I don’t buy it. Kitty, Nastiafan101 and company are not just all of a sudden being nice to Heather because she agrees with them that SMI is a troll. Something is so fishy about this whole situation. Heather has to be someone friends with the IG owners or Amanda or someone because they all of a sudden just started excepting her like she is their sister and that never happens on IG.

    That place is so phony and this just proves half those people are in it to friend gymnasts. The owners have been sell outs for years and it has tricked down to the rest of them.

    Heather has broken the rules so many times and has been banned now all of a sudden she is the queen? Something is up GTT and it smells like shit.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    It does smell like something

    IG has been on the take for years. We knew this. It’s too bad that IG has lost all credibility since they let Kitty and Martina take over the board. I have gotten several messages from people saying they don’t subscribe to the magazine anymore because of the way they were treated by Martina and Gymmomma as mods when they were harassed by posters Nastiafan101 and Kitty (way before Heather trolled the place to hell) One of them wants to write her own blog and I told her if she wants to write one I’ll post it

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