Shawn Johnson’s comeback

Shawn is a nice kid. She seems genuine and she isn’t a phony biatch like Naaaastia (Those extra A’s are for Naaasdaaaaack:) but I am having serious doubts about her comeback.

Here is a link to some new pictures at Universal Sports. She looks great. She still isn’t back in complete shape but she looks better and better each time we see new pictures.

Here is an article about how Marta wants Shawn at the November camp after Shawn’s coach sent her some videos. She isn’t doing full routines yet which is probably wise being she is coming back from injuries but this leads me to my comment about Shawn’s comeback being doubtful.

Shawn always had great form. Legs together no crossed feet or legs on her twists but the one knock on her gymnastics is she never hits the complete split in her leaps and looking at these pictures it looks like she isn’t even attempting to fix this issue. That is sad. She needs to acknowledge this issue and FIX it. Not just pretend it didn’t matter. Now it isn’t fair to say she isn’t attempting to fix this issue since it is only one picture but I hope she does something about her only real issue. Rumor is she is taking dancing lessons so her artistic impression should improve but I always felt she wasn’t as bad of a dancer as the Nastia fanatical society made her out to be. She looks like a ballerina compared to Carly Patterson. Shawn wasn’t artistic but she had presentation. Which is more then she ever got credit for.

In total non gym related news this blog is DEAD ON about MLB not allowing viedoes on youtube. WELL SAID!


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