How serious is Nastia about her comeback?

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A few days ago Nastia tweeted that she was back in the gym doing two a days. This weekend she was in New York for Subway (watching Jared the subway guy compete in the marathon) I realize that it is a whole year away from the next Worlds but it took Nastia only a few days to stop training for the weekend. Doesn’t sound very serious to me. I asked before about Shawn Johnson not being on Dancing with the stars when they had 50 of their past competitors on the show last week (or the week before) and I asked you guys if Nastia would pass up an opportunity. We got our answer pretty quickly.

I can imagine that it must be hard to train for nothing. Alicia Sacramone trained for Worlds and she hasn’t been back in the gym in Boston since she left for Worlds. She stayed in the Netherlands for a few extra days then flew to London, Miami and then Denver. I believe there was a Denver in between the London and Miami also. There also is a rumor of an injured toe. It will be interesting to see if she is satisfied with the world title on vault or if she will continue. Alicia never really gained much weight when she stopped training for awhile so taking some time off to travel around the world to see Brady Quinn sit on the bench might not be much of a problem for her but Nastia is not back in shape yet.

What do you think? (If your name is Bob no one


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18 Responses to “How serious is Nastia about her comeback?”

  1. fyss Says:

    yeah, that little ny side trip made me a little skeptical. i like that she made sure to note in her next tweet that she was only gone for 24 hrs. if she does only travel on the weekends, it’s plausible, but that seems like a quick recipe for burnout…idk, she hasn’t officially announced a comeback – that is, plans to compete again – so i’ll lay off her for now.

  2. Bob Says:

    luckily my names not Bon.

    it was only for one day, and I dont think its a problem as long as its not every weekend. and no Nastia’s not back in shape yet, but then its only been a week, give her a little time.

  3. Bob Says:


  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Bob you want me to ban you so you can have an excuse to whine. I’ll ban you when I feel like banning you. If I feel like banning you.

    I changed 2 comments because all you do is whine. You have been warned multiple times this blog will not ever support Nastia so either deal with it and comment on the blog or I’ll continue to do what I want to do.

    I have only banned one person on this blog for sending porm spam. I can deal with different opinions but all you do is come here and direct comments at me and not the blog.
    Comment on trhe blog or this is how it will be.

    FYSS, I just found it ironic that she was gone two days after making the comments about two a days. Looks like the endorsements have dried up. We will see what else happens:)

    • Bob Says:

      how can you say that the endorsments have dried up when she only left to do a photo op for subway? subway is an endorsment.

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    Subway is an existing endorsement NOT a new one.

  6. Says:

    I am going to start a blog called Nastia fucking sucks and see how bob likes that. Then I am going to ban him and that fucktard Nastiafan101 and continue to write this blog knowing full well that they will be reading because they have no fucking life at all.

    Do you work Bob.? I doubt it since you spend your fucking life trolling this place.

    Give me Bob’s Ip address GTT i’ll make his life a living fucking hell for you.

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    haha nassadack maybe I I hope he isn’t at work.

    Debate teh blog fine but I am done wasting my time on Bob.

  8. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    Let Bob speak.

  9. Bob Says:

    its interesting that when i mention someone else in a post, you accuse me of harassment, but when someone threatens me in a post you just laugh it off. its only harassment because i disagree with you is that it? people who agree with everything you say dont have to follow the same rules? I know you dont like me, but at least i never threatened anyone. allowing that kind of comment really shows your true colors truthteller.

  10. wow Says:

    I can’t get over how some people get soooo worked up over another person’s blog. You will never meet, it’s the internet, don’t read the fucking thing if you don’t like what the person has to say. Solved. OR, and this is just a suggestion….get a life and have better things to do than sit up late at night plotting what to say. NONE OF THIS SHIT MATTERS!

    Keep on writing GTT, because I loooooove your blog!

  11. dd Says:

    Bob you only come here to troll. If someone is labeling you what you are then you have no reason to complain. You deserve this.

    Nastia could be serious about her comeback but I get the impression she is only doing this to get the attention that comes with being an Olympic gold medalist. She truly has sold out which is a shame. She used to be very likable but that just isn’t true anymore.

    • Bob Says:

      i’m not upset because someone called me a troll, i’m upset because someone threatened to make my life a living hell because they didnt like what i had to say on some stupid blog. i dont deserve anything. and if you’re allowed to give your impressions of nastia’s comeback, i’m allowed to give mine. maybe its time everybody grew up and realized that there are going to be people in the world who disagree with you. you cant just ask them all to go away, or threaten them with cyber terrorism.

      • dd Says:

        You are a troll so if someone makes your life a living hell you only have yourself to blame.

        GTT I don’t know how you put up with people like Bob. I have a ten year old daughter. I have patience but this type of idiot I would have banned a very long time ago.

  12. gymtruthteller Says:

    Bob you only come to this blog to troll. You don’t have the rights other people have.

    I rarely agree with TCO and I have never gagged him because he gives his opinion on the blog. You only come to here to whine about me. Your comments about Nastia have never been gagged. No ones comments about a gymnast a blog has been written about has been gagged.

    Wow, I agree and thanks:)

    DD you said it best when you called Bob out on being a troll. His only purpose of being here is to try and annoy me. Most of his comments are directed at me on a personal level not on the blog. Those comments will be removed from now on.

    This is my blog I don’t have to follow any

    Naasdack is sick of you trolling and so are other people so either stay on topic or deal with it. I didn’t give naaas dack your IP numbers so obviously that does say a lot about me.

  13. gymtruthteller Says:

    Bob showed his true colors and now he is spam. So long spam

  14. dd Says:

    Good riddance Bob. You won’t be missed.

    Nastia has changed. It happens to the best of us. I hope Bon doesn’t stalk Nastia. He was a little scary.

  15. gymtruthteller Says: His new nick name.

    He had multiple chances.

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